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También conocido como QUBE: Director's Cut.
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Foto de los desarrolladores

Los creadores de Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut han escondido una foto del equipo. Aquí se encuentra.

Área secreta en sector 5

El sector 5 tiene un área secreta. Aquí se encuentra.


¿Problemas con los puzles de Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut? Aquí encontrarás la solución.

Logros de Steam de Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut

Quick Understanding Of Block ExtrusionComplete the tutorial
Sector 1, CompletedComplete Sector 1
Sector 2, CompletedComplete Sector 2
Sector 3, CompletedComplete Sector 3
Sector 4, CompletedComplete Sector 4
Sector 5, CompletedComplete Sector 5
AttractiveComplete the series of magnet puzzles in Sector 5
Over Time!Make 1,000 Moves
Behind The ScenesFind the hidden area in Sector 5
BETA Complete Me 2
Push Me To CompletionPush the ball in the hidden area to the end
BETA Complete Me 3
BETA Complete Me 1
Sector 6, Completed Complete Sector 6
Sector 7, CompletedComplete Sector 7
The BallComplete the second ball puzzle in Sector 7
Tough GoingComplete the hardest puzzle in the game
FizzicksComplete the final physics puzzle
Find The Developers
FinaleComplete Q.U.B.E.
You Can't Bring Them Here!Attempt to extrude the developers
Everyone's A Winner BabyWinning a race for the first time
Whatever Floats Your BoatDon't touch the floor
HopscotchJump on certain cubes in sequence
All RounderGet 3 gold medals in every level
No Sweat!Make 1,000 moves in Time Trial mode
If I Can Walk 10,000 MilesTravel 10,000 metres
Then I Can Walk 90,000 More!Travel 100,000 metres
CollectorCollect 250 pickups
HoarderCollect 1,000 pickups
You've Got A ProblemCollect 10,000 pickups
Repeat OffenderPlay the game 100 times
Q.U.B.E. MasterPlay the game 500 times
Speedy!Beat the Developer's Time in SPEED WAY
That Was EasyBeat the Developer's Time in PLANS FOR FANS
Beat That.Beat the Developer's Time in ROTATION STATION
Another HopeBeat the Developer's Time in A NEW HOPE
PsychedelicBeat the Developer's Time in NEON NIGHTMARE
Done It With My Eyes ClosedBeat the Developer's Time in LOST
Tick, Tick, BOOMBeat the Developer's Time in TIME BOMB
Cutting It Fine!Beat the Developer's Time in RUIN RUSH
Toxic Who??Beat the Developer's Time in HOVER HEADWAY
Spaced OutBeat the Developer's Time in SPACE RACE
2 + 2Complete SPEED WAY in the least amount of moves
6 - 2Complete PLANS FOR FANS in the least amount of moves
5 x 3Complete ROTATION STATION in the least amount of moves
4 x 4Complete A NEW HOPE in the least amount of moves
200 / 10Complete NEON NIGHTMARE in the least amount of moves
10 + 15 - 20Complete LOST in the least amount of moves
20 x 3 / 6 - 7Complete TIME BOMB in the least amount of moves
2 + 2 x 4 / 8Complete RUIN RUSH in the least amount of moves
7 x 7 + 21 / 10Complete HOVER HEADWAY in the least amount of moves
8 * 9 / 5 - 7.4Complete SPACE RACE in the least amount of moves

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