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Trucos de Super Hydorah para Xbox One

1 trucos

Logros de Xbox Live de Super Hydorah

Hero endingDestroy Hydorah and all his seeds using no continues140
Good endingDestroy Hydorah and all his seeds100
CaptainScore 500000 points or more100
LieutenantScore 450000 points or more90
2nd LieutenantScore 400000 points or more80
Bad endingDestroy Hydorah75
All secretsFind all hidden secrets in the game75
BrigadierScore 350000 points or more70
1st SergeantScore 300000 points or more60
SergeantScore 250000 points or more50
1st CorporalScore 200000 points or more40
CorporalScore 150000 points or more30
1st PrivateScore 100000 points or more20
Escaping astronautFind an escaping astronaut10
Shining giant eggFind a giant green egg10
Real pink elephantFind a pink elephant10
Jumping flowerFind a jumping flower10
Moon stoneFind a floating blue stone10
Chest of GrialiaFind the chest of Grialia10
PrivateScore 50000 points or more10

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