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The Kalpa ContinuesStopped Kala from resetting the world.100
Heruka, AwakenedAwakened the power of Heruka, the wrathful deity.80
Maha Heruka, AcceptedAccepted and channeled the rage within, awakening Maha Heruka.80
Shakti Research MasterUpgraded to Attack Level 5.80
Raksha Research MasterUpgraded to Defense Level 5.80
An Ocean of PowerUsed over 108 bars of Iddhi in battle.80
Indr's PrideSuccessfully performed 108 Clean Blocks.80
Shakti Research ApprenticeUpgraded to Attack Level 4.30
Raksha Research ApprenticeUpgraded to Defense Level 4.30
Unlocking One's True PotentialCompleted one Incarnation's Resolution quest.30
Funded!Dealt a total of 2,216,972 damage or more.30
A City Most CruelToppled Garuda Cruel and set Tai Krung City free at last.25
Prophecy AvertedConfronted Obsidian Wind, Kaanul's self-fulfilling prophecy.25
Washing Away the DarknessDissolved the Slime Queen and freed Queen Mary from its clutches.25
Avarice in the Neon CityDeposed the Crime Lord Mara and ended his insatiable greed.20
The Queen's DelusionStopped the Serpent Queen from sealing her citizens away from the world.20
The Wrath of the Iron KingdomDestroyed the Iron Kingdom's menacing war machine, MOLOCH.20
The Adventure BeginsSet out on a journey to confront the evil warlord, Ravannavar.15
From The Frying Pan Into the FireReached the center of the world, the hard way.15
Port Maerifa, Gateway to the WorldArrived in the bustling town of Port Maerifa, gateway to the world.15
The Pinnacle of LokaSummited Mt. Sumeru, gateway to the heavens.15
The Wheel CompletedAttuned to all seven of Loka's Chakra Gates.15
A New FriendRecruited a new friend to join you on your journey.15
Shakti Research InitiateUpgraded to Attack Level 3.15
Raksha Research InitiateUpgraded to Defense Level 3.15
A Drop of PotentialUsed an Iddhi Power for the first time.15
Indr's StudentSuccessfully performed a Clean Block.15
A Sutra of PainAchieved a combo of 108 hits or more.15
IndivisibleUnited in the struggle to better ourselves.

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