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Guía para Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age.

Logros de Steam de Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age

CandidateFinish the prologue
Rumble boyFinish chapter 1
FugitiveFinish chapter 2
ConquerorFinish chapter 3
Stand by MeFinish chapter 4
Thug lifeFinish chapter 5
CommandoFinish chapter 6
AvengerFinish chapter 7
Mage to the rescueFinish chapter 8
PredatorFinish chapter 9
End of lineFinish chapter 10
SuperdetectiveFinish chapter 11
MegamagicFinish chapter 12
FulgomancerUnlock Fulgomancy
NecromancerUnlock Necromancy
VegemancerUnlock Vegemancy
SanctumancerUnlock Sanctumancy
HackermanDecodify all the floppy disks
ConanKill 50 enemies
RamboKill 300 enemies
TerminatorKill 1000 enemies
BalboaLevel up 30 summons to veteran
Indie JonesFind all the chests
Turbo manFind all the life and mana upgrades
Jumanji!!!Find all the population upgrades
NerdPass the exam
It's hard to believe, but I have friends!Try the multiplayer mode
TamerCraft all the wild summons
UfologistCraft all the sidereal summons
UndertakerCraft all the undead summons
InventorCraft all the robot summons
Gotta craft 'em allCraft all the summons
Neon WizardCraft all the Neonmancy spells
TechnomageCraft all the Fulgomancy spells
WarlockCraft all the Necromancy spells
PriestCraft all the Sanctumancy spells
DruidCraft all the Vegemancy spells
ArchmageCraft all the spells
Just a cereal prize?!
8-bit master
True survivorBeat the game in standard difficulty or more (without changing to narrative)

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