Trucos de Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars para PC

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Guía en vídeo de este juego de rol de Spike Chunsoft.

Logros de Steam de Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

First-TimerDefeat a monster for the first time.
Collaborative EffortGive birth to your first Star Child.
Conqueror of Lust
Conqueror of Gluttony
Monster HunterDefeat 100 monsters.
Conqueror of Greed
All AchievementEarned all achievement.
Love TriangleExperience your first Trimating.
Fine Fort CityIncrease the city's level to 30.
Perfect Fort CityIncrease the city's level to 100.
Open For BusinessUnlock all facilities.
Maxed OutIncrease all facilities' level to MAX.
MoneymakerAmass over 1,000,000G.
The Basics of RPGsCheck sub-events 30 times.
The Secret of BondsGive gifts to the heroines 30 times.
Filial PietyReceive money from your Star Children 30 times.
City's Biggest FamilyGive birth to 20 Star Children.
World's Biggest FamilyGive birth to 100 Star Children.
Independence DayHave 10 Star Children go independent.
Child LaborHave 100 Star Children go independent.
Classy ChildrenGive birth to a Star Child of each class.
Conqueror of Sloth
Conqueror of Wrath
Conqueror of Envy
Conqueror of Pride
Original Sin Smiter
Vigilant Avenger
Monster BlasterDefeat 500 monsters.
Monster KillerInstantly killed monsters 100 times.
The Best DefenseAttack a total of 1,000 times.
Skill ArtistUse skills a total of 500 times.
Mecunite ArtistMecunite a total of 30 times.
Combo ExpertPerform 30 Intercepts.
Chain MasterPerform a total of 100 Chains.
Group TherapyTake every heroine into the Labyrinths.
Memories with Fuuko
Memories with Serina
Memories with Ellie
Memories with Torri
Memories with Narika
Memories with Feene
Memories with Chloe
Fuuko's Bond
Serina's Bond
Ellie's Bond
Torri's Bond
Narika's Bond
Feene's Bond
Chloe's Bond
With Friends
This Party Don't Stop

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