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Logros de Steam de Champions Online

The Sentinel
The Avenger
Learn the Ropes
Mosquito Repellent
Vanquished Black Talon
Stop the Invasion
The Protector
Raiders on the Storm
Vanquished Rakshasa
Save The City
Ironclad Offensive
Snake Eyes
Livin' Large
Black Box Down
The New Pollution
Open Mission: Undead on Arrival
Vanquished Redstone
Vanquished Hi Pan
Breakout of the Big House
Deep Pockets
Pop the Clutch
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
Pop Psychology
Armor Piercing
Millennium City: ExplorerExplore all neighborhoods in Millennium City
Desert History: Atomic Wasteland
Vanquished Ferd
Geiger Blip
Vanquished Foxbat
Vanquished Gigaton
Vanquished Kevin Poe
Millennium City History: Westside
Vanquished Leech
Vanquished Major Gertz
Ghost Whisperer
Guest Star
Atomic Science
Vanquished Talisman
Vanquished Viper X
War Never Changes
Vanquished Medusa
We are the Champions
Vigilance Committee
Accident Prone
Ceiling Cat
Canada History: Rime Woods
Desert History: Burning Sands
The Truth is Right Here
Foxbat and Fandom
Of Two Minds
Damage Incorporated
In Love and Gang-War
U.T.C. Silver Belt
March of the Manimals
Heroic Idealist
World Circuit
Electric Boogaloo
Collateral Damage
Special Circuit
Marine Memoriam
Dragon's Roost
Vanquished Armadillo
Minor Circuit
Vanquished Ascii Oakley
Bright Blade
Hidden Treasure
Viper's Supersoldier Program
Vanquished Bleak Elder
Changer of Worlds
Vanquished Bloodstone
Prime Time Regular
Vanquish Bronze King
Scissors beat Paper
Vanquished Buster
Machine Revolution
Vanquished Buzzard
Corporate Malfeasance
Vanquished Captain Claw
Bait & Switch
Vanquished Clyde Von Schoultz
Robots, Radiation, and Rampage
Aliens of Earth
Vanquished Darkmoon
Vanquished Diamondback
Perfection of Madness
Vanquished Director
Arena Victor
Vanquished Dr. Dino Demogaard
A Tree Grows in Westside
Vanquished Dr. Destroyer
Blood For DEMON
Inside My Head
Vanquished Dr. Moreau
Imitation of Life
Vanquished Eclipse
Prison Guard Assault
Vanquished Escaped Qularr Swarmlord
Good Fella
Another One for the Fire
General Practitioner
Surrounded By Evil
Vanquished Galeforce
Whoopee Cushion
Burning Bright
Vanquished Giant Destroid
Those Who Dwell in Bleakness
Shadow of the Shark Men
Be Prepared
Vanquished Grond
Stay Out of the Lava
Vanquished Hanging Judge Hensley
The Wild Life
Vanquished Hyena Swine
Damaged Ego
Vanquished Hyrg Coruscator
Murky Waters
Van Damned
Destruction of Mass Production
Vanquished Khusor the Crooked
Vanquished Kigatilik
Gets Up and Kills
Walk with the Manimals
Vanquished Leviathan
Littlest Pet Shop Boy
Vanquished Lionel Benjamin
Ice Cube
Shadow Boxer
Nest of Serpents
How Sweet The Sound
Vanquished The Maw
High Caliber
Vanquished Mechaniste
Sea Wolf
Vanquished Mechassassin
Absolute Zero
Vanquished Megalodon
Air Wolf
Vanquished Mega-Terak
Guy with the Gun
Vanquished Menton
Vanquished Mind-controlled Brute
Garbage Collector
Vanquished Mind Slayer
Vanquished Neanderthal
Master of Manimals
Silver Lining
Vanquished Necrull
Toxic Avenger
To The Point
Vanquished Nest Leader Tadataka
Monster Island History: Andrithal
Open Mission: Plunder the Sea
Vanquished Paul Johnston
Canada: Force Station Steelhead
Open Mission: Great Barrier Grief
Vanquished the Ghost Pirate Ship
Dead Reckoner
Vanquished PSImon
Necrull Intentions
Vanquished Qwyjibo
Crisis on Monster Island
Vanquished Rampaging Teleioraptor
Rude Awakenings
Open Mission: Asciing for Trouble
Canada History: Argent Snow Thrush Sanctuary
Open Mission: Ship Of Fouls
Vanquished Ripper
Canada History: Lynx Fold
Leader of the Pack
Vanquished Roman Stepanov
Vanquished Teleios
Vanquished Slug
In Memoriam
Vanquished Steel Commando
Vanquished Stingray
Say What?
Open Mission: Nadir of the Invaders
Vanquished Tachyon
The Lemurians are Revolting!
Bite Me
Searching In Shadows
Open Mission: Burden of Beastmen
Vanquished Teleiosaurus Hatchling
Monster Island History: Slither Beach
Jurassic Perk
Vanquished The Bronze King
Crisis in Lemuria
Vanquished Tilingkoot
Battle Hardened
Who's Laughing Now?
Vanquished Dr. Timothy Blank
Crisis Beneath the Sea
Silver Bullet
Vanquished Ultimate Mind
The Godfather
Vanquished Vikorin the Blind
Thrash of the Lich King
Ruin from the Ancient Past
Coming to Get You
Vanquished White Rhino
Goes to 11
Open Mission: Reign of Frogs
Vanquished Windfist
Desert History: Uranium Flats
Vanquished Zarn
Shadow of the Destroyer
Desert History: Area 51
King of the Zombies
The Kings Shall Rise
When a Curse is a Blessing
Hail to the King
Building a Better Serpent
The Impaler
Broken Toy
A Gathering Shadow
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Silver Belt
Canada History: Great Bear Lake
Winter Defender
Terra De-Forming
Cold Iron
Apocalypse: Stronghold - Bronze Belt
Monster Island History: Echinocos Shores
Northern Hero
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Bronze Belt
U.T.C. Bronze Belt
Winter Warrior
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Gold Belt
All About VIPER
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Bronze Belt
I'd rather be sailing
Winter Witchcraft
Apocalypse: Stronghold - Gold Belt
The Crowns of Darkness, Blood, and Fire
Dimensional Destroyer
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Gold Belt
Maple Leaf
Pacify the Spirits
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Silver Belt
Jurassic Perk
Apocalypse: Stronghold - Silver Belt
City Slicker
Primus Palus
Empyrean Construct Assault
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
Shadow Destroyer
The Gift of Winter
Scoping the Skies
Great Demon Assault
Deep Impact
Brass Ring
Klaatu Verada Necktie
Torpedo Run
Full-Metal Jacket
Destroyer Research
Snake Gulch Main Arc
Slightly Queasy
Desert History: Project Greenskin
Mad Bling
Jar Collector
Tall Tale
Letter of Marque
I Am the Egg-Man
Canada History: Stroessen's Peak
High Five
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Bleak Minion Victory
Snow Flake
Aegir Wreck Diver
Just a flesh wound
Monster Island History: Wayfarer Coast
Steam Bath
Bleak Minion Assault
Millennium City History: Downtown
Flame Retardant
Island Hopping
Hatchling Assault
Glows in the Dark
A Bit Green
Teleios' Journals
Under Pressure
Aegir Cave Diver
Millennium City History: City Center
Banzai Pipeline
Canada History: Hoarfrost Hills
Hole In The Wall
Snake Gulch Minor Arc
B.A.S.H. Bronze Belt
Out of the Wasteland
Sharkbite Survivor
Karkaradon Texts
Lemuria History: Caliginous Depths
Canada History: Force Station Steelhead
Heroic Champion
BASE Jumper
Communication Breakdown
The Qularr De-Fleeted
Qularr Operations
Lemuria History: Undying Reef
What's Mine is Mine
On Thin Ice
Canada History: Renegade Run Paintball Camp
A Taste for the Toxic
Hack 'n Slash
Desert History: Project Stein
Lemuria History: Rastrinfhar's Abyss
Monster Island History: Argent Corporate Wildlife Preserve
The Unnatural Imbalance
Three Coins
Money Bags
Rubber Room
The Crowns of Krim
I Believe
Walk the Line
Canada: CartographerExplore all of the map and find all of the respawn points in Canada.
Hard of Hearing
Ghost Hunter
Canada: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in Canada
Respect for the Dead
Historian: CanadaFind and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Canada.
The Harrowing
Canada: ExplorerExplore all Canadian neighborhoods
Good for the Spirit
Manimal Victory
Apocalypse Bronze Belt
Hexed and Vexed
Mr. Robotto
Desert: CartographerFind all neighborhoods and respawn points in the desert.
Netherdemon Victory
Desert: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in the Desert
Snow Thrush Job
Myth Buster
Historian: DesertResearch the history of notable Desert sites.
Master of the Arcane
Desert: ExplorerExplore all Desert neighborhoods
Canada History: Burial Butte
From Bad to Worse
Surgeon General
Flak Attack
NeptuneDefeat 5000 Aquatic Lemurians
Desert History: Stronghold
Secure the Perimeter
CEODefeat 5000 Argent
Mech WarriorDefeat 5000 Bureau 17 Robots
Desert History: Burnside
The PSI Conspiracy
Bleak Minion TriumphDefeat 5000 Bleak Minions
Stop and smell the...
Dark Helmet
CabelleroDefeat 5000 Burnside Ghosts
Desert History: Qularr Crash Site
Park RangerDefeat 5000 Contaminated Wildlife
Toxic Crusader
Prison Guard Victory
CowpuncherDefeat 5000 Cowboy Robots
Sub Zero
Taking a Peak
ShaolinDefeat 5000 Cult of the Red Banner
Mystery of Mechanon
HellraiserDefeat 5000 Demon
Hatchling Victory
MephistophelesDefeat 5000 Demons
Home on the Range
Destroid TriumphDefeat 5000 Destroids
Joy Buzzer
Dean of WormersDefeat 5000 Elder Worms
Area 51 of Uncertainty
Qularr Crash
Empyrean Construct TriumphDefeat 5000 Empyrean Constructs
Reflections on Destroyer
ExecutionerDefeat 5000 Escaped Prisoners
No Probes Allowed
Ghost BusterDefeat 5000 Evil Spirits
The Cast Away
Great White
Towering InfernoDefeat 5000 Fire Demons
Exploding CigarDefeat 5000 FoxBattle Bots
Street Racer
Toad WarriorDefeat 5000 Gadroons
Decimated Ego
Teleios' Experiments
DroogieDefeat 5000 Black Ace Gang Members
Desert History: Devil's Head Mesa
Parole Officer
Easy RiderDefeat 5000 Cobra Lord Gang Members
Blind Psi-ded
Half Full
Psych WardDefeat 5000 Maniac Gang Members
Riders in the Sky
Purple HazeDefeat 5000 New Purple Gang Members
Bruised Ego
Great Demon TriumphDefeat 5000 Great Demon Minions
Hot Stuff
African Art Collector
MountieDefeat 5000 Hunter-Patriots
War of the 'Foots
Tower Assault
WMDDefeat 5000 Irradiates
Major Circuit
MakoDefeat 5000 Karkaradon
Canada History: Chiyetanka Bluff
VIPER Recruitment
KomodoDefeat 5000 Lemurians
Destroid Assault
Citizen Grond
Lemurian Sub TriumphDefeat 50 Lemurian Submarines
Johnston's Private Reserve
Manimal TriumphDefeat 5000 Man Animal Hybrids
The Flame of Krim
Hatchling TriumphDefeat 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings
Manimal Assault
Necrullitic Research
Netherdemon TriumphDefeat 5000 Nether Demons
Ghost Camp
Demolition ManDestroy 25000 Objects
What's That Smell?
Pet CemetaryDefeat 5000 Pets
The Worms Crawl Out
Lemurian Sub Victory
BuccaneerDefeat 5000 Pirate Ghosts
Bottom Feeder
ProsecutorDefeat 5000 Prisoners
Minimum Wage
Prison Guard TriumphDefeat 5000 Prison Guards
Evil Eye
The Vengeance Journals
MigraineDefeat 5000 PSI
Grease Monkey
BugzapperDefeat 5000 Qularr
Fully Submersible
Quality Control
Urban LegendDefeat 5000 Corrupted Bigfoot
Desert History: Snake Gulch
Open Mission: Hang 'em High
Captain AhabDefeat 5000 Sea Creatures
VIPER Project:Stein
Made in China
Dead RingerDefeat 5000 Teleioclones
Destroid Victory
Snake CharmerDefeat 5000 Viper
Apocalypse Survivor
Deep Purple
Lemuria: CartographerEnter all neighborhoods and find all respawn points in Lemuria.
Mayhem on Monster Island
Lemuria: Spawn CamperDiscover all Respawn Points in Lemuria
Historian: LemuriaResearch the history of notable Lemurian sites.
Battle Toads
Aegir Master Diver
Aegir Rescue Diver
Lemuria: ExplorerExplore all Lemuria neighborhoods
Snake Handler
Rift Runner
Cherenkov's Radiation
Open Mission: Trumping the Shark
The Raptor Whisperer
Crowns of Krim Loremaster
Super Ego
Vulcan's Champion
Dr. Destroyer Loremaster
Tower Defense
Kings of Edom Loremaster
Brick House
Master Control Program
Alien Invader Loremaster
Pirates of the Abyss
Manimal Crossing
Mechanon Loremaster
Top of the Heap
Teleios Loremaster
Top of the World
VIPER Loremaster
Qliphothic Lore
Open Mission: Bullet Bound for Biselle
Lemurian Sub Assault
Drill Bits
Open Mission: Cleaning up the 'Hood
Atom Smasher
Great Demon Victory
Open Mission: Destroids Rise Again
Buried at Sea
Millennium CIty: CartographerExplore all neighborhoods and find all the respawn points in Millennium City
Destroyerology 101
Historian: Millennium CityResearch the history of notable Millennium City sites
Monster Island History: Feral Tangle
Open Mission: Jailbreak!
Bad Vibrations
Offensive Line
Millennium City: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns Points in Millennium City
Billy Goat Bluff
Bounty Hunter
Monster Island: CartographerClear all of the map and find all respawn points on Monster Island.
Heroic Legend
Monster Island: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in Monster Island
Historian: Monster IslandFind and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Monster Island.
Little Nook
Monster Island: ExplorerExplore all Monster Island Neighborhoods
Big Game Hunter
RipleyDefeat 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions
Canada History: Fallen Sun Forest
WardenDefeat 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions
SheriffDefeat 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions
Desert Bounty Hunter
The ExorcistDefeat 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions
The Beast Within
FireproofDefeat 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions
ExterminatorDefeat 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions
Get to the Point
HerpetologistDefeat 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions
The Demon of the Lost
Private Practice
Dai-GensuiDefeat 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions
CorsairDefeat 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions
Particle Man
End of LineDefeat 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions
Corporate Predators
Mad Correspondence
GeneralDefeat 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions
Canada History: Massasauga Hills
Transmit and Receive
HooliganDefeat 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions
Source of the Disorder
Lemurian Carvings
Van HelsingDefeat 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions
Alternative Energies
Revolution under the Sea
B.A.S.H. Silver Belt
Monster Island History: Wells' Pass
The Deep End
B.A.S.H. Championship
Early Bird
Purple with Rage
Empyrean Construct Victory
Pay-per-view Star
Little Devil
Not Dead Yet
As Seen on T.V.
Rescue Dog
Blue Collar
Netherdemon Assault
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Danger Magnet
Manimal Resources
Get to the Choppa
Lightning Rod
Running out the Renegades
Sun Tanned
He's a User
Gadroon Orders
Black Belt
Number One Crush
Smooth Criminal
Apocalypse Silver Belt
Deep In Psi-ed
Red Bug Down
Apocalypse Championship
Head for the Hills


AdamantRecibe un total de 500.000.000 puntos de daño.
Aegir Master DiverCompleta todas las misiones de Aegir Diver, así como las misiones de exploración en Lemuria.
AngelCura 500.000.000 en juego multijugador.
Apocalypse ChampionshipGana 250 combates Apocalypse: Stronghold.
Apocalypse Silver BeltGana 50 combates Apocalypse: Stronghold.
As Seen on T.V.Juega en1000 partidas Hero Games.
B.A.S.H. ChampionshipGana 75 partidas Battle Arena Super Heroes.
B.A.S.H. Silver BeltGana 20 partidas Battle Arena Super Heroes.
Bleak Minion TriumphVence a 5000 Bleak Minions.
BuccaneerVence a 5000 Pirate Ghosts.
BugzapperVence a 5000 Qularr.
CabelleroVence a 5000 Burnside Ghosts.
Canada: CartographerExplora todo el mapa y consigue todos los puntos de reaparición en Canadá.
Canada: ExplorerExplora todos los vecindarios de Canadá.
Canada: Spawn CamperEncuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Canadá.
Captain AhabVence a 5000 criaturas marinas.
CEOVence a 5000 Argent.
CorsairVence a 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions.
CowpuncherVence a 5000 Cowboy Robots.
Crowns of Krim LoremasterConviértete en un experto en The Crowns of Krim.
Dai-GensuiVence a 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions.
Danger MagnetRecibe 50.000.000 puntos de daño en modo multijugador.
DangerousHaz 50.000.000 de puntos de daño en multijugador.
DeadlyHaz de puntos de daño en modo multijugador.
Dean of WormersVence a 5000 Elder Worms.
Deep PurpleVence a 5000 New Purple Gang Members.
Demolition ManDestruye 25.000 objetos.
Demon TriumphVence a 5000 Demonios.
Desert: CartographerEncuentra todos los vecindarios y todos los puntos de renacimiento en el desierto.
Desert: ExplorerExplora todos los vecindarios del desierto.
Desert: Spawn CamperEncuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en el desierto.
Destroyer Robot TriumphVence a 5000 Dr. Destroyer Robots.
DoppelgangerVence a 5000 Teleioclones.
Dr. Destroyer LoremasterConviértete en un experto en el nivel del Dr. Destroyer.
DroogieVence a 5000 miembros de la banda de Black Ace.
Easy RiderVence a 5000 miembros de la banda de Cobra Lord.
Empyrean Construct TriumphVence a 5000 Empyrean Constructs.
End of LineVence a 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions.
ExecutionerVence a 5000 prisioneros a la fuga.
Exploding CigarVence a 5000 FoxBattle Bots.
ExterminatorVence a 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions.
FelonVence a 100 personajes controlados por la máquina en Apocalypse: Stronghold.
FireproofVence a 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions.
GeneralVence a 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions.
Ghost BusterDestruye 5000 Evil Spirits.
GladiatorVence a 10.000 jugadores en modo PvP.
Great Demon TriumphVence a 5000 Great Demon Minions.
Hatchling TriumphDestruye 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings.
HeavyweightVence a 1.000 jugadores en modo PvP.
HellraiserVence a 5000 Demonios.
HerpetologistVence a 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions.
Historian: CanadaEncuentra e investiga todos los objetos históricos en las vecindades de Canadá.
Historian: DesertInvestiga sobre la historia de los lugares notables del desierto.
Historian: LemuriaInvestiga sobre la historia de los lugares notables de Lemurian.
Historian: Millennium CityInvestiga sobre la historia de los lugares notables del Millenium City.
Historian: Monster IslandInvestiga sobre la historia de los lugares notables de Monster Island.
HooliganVence a 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions.
Istvatha V'Han LoremasterConviértete en un experto en Istvatha V'Han.
Kings of Edom LoremasterConviértete en un experto en The Kings of Edom.
KomodoVence a 5000 Lemurians.
Lemuria: CartographerEntra en todas las vecindades y encuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Lemuria.
Lemuria: ExplorerExplora todas las vecindades de Lemuria.
Lemuria: Spawn CamperEncuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Lemuria.
Lemurian Sub TriumphVence a 5000 Submarinos Lemurianos.
Lightning RodRecibe puntos de daño en PvP.
MakoVence a 5000 Karkaradon.
Manimal TriumphVence a 5000 híbridos hombre-animal.
Mech WarriorVence a 5000 Robots Bureau 17.
Mechanon LoremasterConviértete en un experto en Mechanon.
MigraineVence a 5000 PSI.
Millennium CIty: CartographerExplora todas las vecindades y encuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Millennium City.
Millennium City: ExplorerExplora todas las vecindades en Millennium City.
Millennium City: Spawn CamperEncuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Millennium City.
Monster Island: CartographerCOmpleta el mapa y encuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Monster Island.
Monster Island: ExplorerExplora todas las localizaciones de Monster Island.
Monster Island: Spawn CamperEncuentra todos los puntos de reaparición en Monster Island.
MountieVence a 5000 Hunter-Patriots.
NeptuneVence a 5000 Lemurianos Acuáticos.
Netherdemon TriumphVence a 5000 Nether Demons.
ObliteratorHaz 500.000.000 puntos de daño.
Open Mission: Bullet Bound for BiselleFastidia los planes de VIPER y salva al Mayor Biselle.
Open Mission: Cleaning up the 'HoodLimpia la basura de Westside.
Open Mission: Destroids Rise AgainImpide el nacimiento del Destroid en Millennium City
Open Mission: Jailbreak!Para la fuga de prisión en Millennium City.
Open Mission: Trumping the SharkVence al Flying Dutchman.
Park RangerElimina a 5000 animales salvajes contaminados.
Pay-per-view StarJuega en 250 Hero Games.
Pet CemetaryVence a 5000 Mascotas.
Prison Guard TriumphVence a 5000 Guardas de prisión.
ProsecutorVence a 5000 Prisioneros.
Psych WardVence a 5000 Miembros de la banda Maniac.
Rift RunnerNada por toda la extensión de lava en Rastrinfhar's Abyss.
RipleyVence a 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions.
ShaolinVence a 5000 integrantes de Cult of the Red Banner.
SheriffVence a 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions.
Smooth CriminalDestruye 500 personajes no humanos en Apocalypse: Stronghold
Snake CharmerVence a 5000 Viper.
Special CircuitGana 500 Hero Games.
SurgeonCura 25.000.000 puntos de daño en PvP.
Surgeon GeneralCura 50.000.000 puntos de daño.
Teleios LoremasterConviértete en un experto en Teleios.
The ExorcistVence a 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions.
Toad WarriorVence a 5000 Gadroons.
Towering InfernoVence a 5000 Demonios de Fuego.
U.T.C. ChampionshipGana 250 partidas en Ultimate Tournament of Champions.
U.T.C. Silver BeltGana 50 partidas en Ultimate Tournament of Champions.
Urban LegendVence a 5000 Bigfoots Corruptos.
Van HelsingVence a 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions.
Vanquish Bleak ElderDestruye a Bleak Elder.
Vanquish BloodstoneDestruye a Bloodstone.
Vanquish Bronze KingDestruye a Bronze King.
Vanquish BusterDestruye a Buster.
Vanquish BuzzardDestruye a Buzzard.
Vanquish Clyde Von SchoultzDestruye a Clyde Von Schoultz.
Vanquish DarkmoonDestruye a Darkmoon.
Vanquish DiamondbackDestruye a Diamondback.
Vanquish DirectorDestruye a Director.
Vanquish Dr. DestroyerDestruye a Dr. Destroyer.
Vanquish Dr. Dino DemogaardDestruye a Dr. Dino Demogaard.
Vanquish Dr. MoreauDestruye a Dr. Moreau.
Vanquish Escaped Qularr SwamlordDestruye a Escaped Qularr Swamlord.
Vanquish FoxbatDestruye a Foxbat.
Vanquish Giant DestroidDestruye a Giant Destroid.
Vanquish GrondDestruye a Grond.
Vanquish Hyena SwineDestruye a Hyena Swine.
Vanquish Hyrg CoruscatorDestruye a Hyrg Coruscator.
Vanquish Kevin PoeDestruye a Kevin Poe.
Vanquish Khusor the CrookedDestruye a Khusor the Crooked.
Vanquish KigatilikDestruye a Kigatilik.
Vanquish LeechDestruye a Leech.
Vanquish LeviathanDestruye a Leviathan.
Vanquish MechanisteDestruye a Mechaniste.
Vanquish MechassassinDestruye a Mechassassin.
Vanquish Mega-TerakDestruye a Mega-Terak.
Vanquish MegalodonDestruye a Megalodon.
Vanquish MentonDestruye a Menton.
Vanquish Mind SlayerDestruye a Mind Slayer.
Vanquish Mind-controlled BruteDestruye a Mind-controlled Brute.
Vanquish NeanderthalDestruye a Neanderthal.
Vanquish NecrullDestruye a Necrull.
Vanquish Nest Leader TadatakaDestruye a Nest Leader Tadataka.
Vanquish Paul JohnstonDestruye a Paul Johnston.
Vanquish PSImonDestruye a PSImon.
Vanquish QwyjiboDestruye a Qwyjibo.
Vanquish Rampaging TeleioraptorDestruye a Rampaging Teleioraptor.
Vanquish RedstoneDestruye a Redstone.
Vanquish RipperDestruye a Ripper.
Vanquish SlugDestruye a Slug.
Vanquish Steel CommandoDestruye a Steel Commando.
Vanquish StingrayDestruye a Stingray.
Vanquish TachyonDestruye a Tachyon.
Vanquish TalismanDestruye a Talisman.
Vanquish Teleiosaurus HatchlingDestruye a Teleiosaurus Hatchling.
Vanquish the Ghost Pirate ShipDestruye a Ghost Pirate Ship.
Vanquish The MawDestruye a The Maw.
Vanquish TilingkootDestruye a Tilingkoot.
Vanquish Ultimate MindDestruye a Ultimate Mind.
Vanquish Vikorin the BlindDestruye a Vikorin the Blind.
Vanquish Viper XDestruye a Viper X.
Vanquish White RhinoDestruye a White Rhino.
Vanquish WindfistDestruye a Windfist.
Vanquish ZarnDestruye a Zarn.
Vanquished ArmadilloDestruye a Armadillo.
Vanquished Ascii OakleyDestruye a Ascii Oakley.
Vanquished Black TalonDestruye a Black Talon.
Vanquished Captain ClawDestruye a Captain Claw.
Vanquished Dr. Timothy BlankDestruye a Dr. Timothy Blank.
Vanquished EclipseDestruye a Eclipse.
Vanquished FerdDestruye a Ferd.
Vanquished GaleforceDestruye a Galeforce.
Vanquished GigatonDestruye a Gigaton.
Vanquished Hanging Judge HensleyDestruye a Hanging Judge Hensley.
Vanquished Lionel BenjaminDestruye a Lionel Benjamin.
Vanquished Major GertzDestruye a Major Gertz.
Vanquished RakshasaDestruye a Rakshasa.
Vanquished Roman StepanovDestruye a Roman Stepanov.
Vanquished The Bronze KingDestruye a The Bronze King.
VIPER LoremasterConviértete en un experto en los planes y operaciones de VIPER.
WardenVence a 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions.
WMDDestruye a 5000 Irradiados.
World CircuitGana 125 Hero Games.

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