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Aquí encontrarás el listado completo con todos los logros que existen para Overfall en PC y su puntuación Gamerscore. Además te mostramos qué es lo que tienes que hacer para conseguirlos todos y cuantos de nuestros usuarios los han ganado para que conozcas su dificultad.
Estadísticas de Overfall en Steam
Guía de logros de Overfall para PC
Runic Enthusiasm
Collect 1000 runes.
00 %
Weight Gain 4000
Spend 4000 foods.
00 %
High On Dust
Bank 100 dusts in a single playthrough.
00 %
High Warlord of Dys
Win 1000 battles.
00 %
Respect My Authority!
Kill 700 Everguards.
00 %
I See Dead People
Kill 500 Undeads.
00 %
Officer Streak
Kill 20 Jarls.
00 %
Kill the Vorn King.
00 %
Kill the Vorn King 10 times.
00 %
Unending Adventure
Take 1000 quests.
00 %
Ambassador of Dys
Become Exalted with all races.
00 %
Crazy for Relics
Unlock all class trinkets.
00 %
Wanna See My Stamp Collection?
Unlock all neutral trinkets.
00 %
Keeper of the Armory
Unlock all weapons.
00 %
BBQ Time!
Unlock all classes.
00 %
Learning Never Exhausts the Mind
Unlock all utility skills.
00 %
Adventuring Just Became Too Mainstream
Unlock all companions.
00 %
Full House
Unlock everything.
00 %
This Is Only the Beginning
Beat the game.
00 %
This Is Only the Halfway
Beat the game with every class.
00 %
Visit every single island on the map.
00 %
Quite a Traveler
Visit every single inn on the map.
00 %
Personality Disorder
Acquire every persona in the game.
00 %
Life Is Boring Anyway
Play with every possible hero combination.
00 %
Kill the Everking with your last surviving party member.
00 %
Last Man Standing
Win a battle with the last surviving party member and 1 HP.
00 %
Diversity In The Workplace
Recruit 10 companions in a single playthrough.
00 %
Noone Can Stop Death
Resurrect an ally at Altar 7 times in a single playthrough.
00 %
Two Queens, All In
Recruit Pyromancer and Ice Maiden to the same party.
00 %
Ambitious Slayer
Hit a critical strike while applied with Blind and Chilled.
00 %
No Time to Get Better
Beat the game without upgrading your utility or weapon skills.
00 %
You Shall Pass
Meet Ezel.
00 %
The Hidden Beauty
Meet the Elf Queen as an ally.
00 %
Beards are NOT Overrated
Meet the Dwarf Tradelord as an ally.
00 %
For the Warchief!
Meet the Orc Warchief as an ally.
00 %
Meet the Goblin Freeman as an ally.
00 %
Meet the Hollow Alpha as an ally.
00 %
Winter is Coming
Meet the Forsaken Redeemer as an ally.
00 %
I Like the Way You Die Boy
Kill the Vorn King with Hidden buff on you.
00 %
Caught In The Middle
Die with Retaliation or Bone Pore's damage.
00 %
At Least I Have Chicken
Reach the Citadel without a companion.
00 %
Run Forest Run!
Beat the game without using a mobility skill.
00 %
They See Me Trollin'
Kill all 6 troll types.
00 %
It Requires Finesse
Kill all enemy classes. (except Vorn King and Everking)
00 %
I'm On a Diet
Beat the game without buying food from bazaars, inns or trade-boats.
00 %
Upgrade a weapon part.
00 %
The Perfect Pupil
Upgrade a utility skill.
00 %
There Is a Toll In the Hallway
Destroy the first 3 Vorn ships that just came out from the portal.
00 %
I Personally Like It Sober
Beat the game without using Dust's speed boost.
00 %
It's Hammertime!
Maintain a party with 3 greathammer wielders.
00 %
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