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Logros de Xbox Live de Gatling Gears XBLA

Can't Touch ThisYou managed to battle through the heart of the Empire without a dent30
VeteranYou faced the toughest possible opposition and became a true hero25
GladiatorYou stood against many and survived25
Back to RetirementYou saved the world and can get back to drinking tea and growing pumpkins20
Survival of the FittestYou survived an Empire offensive without needing to restart your walker20
Second in CommandYou defeated Julius Steelwell's right hand man15
Take it to the MaxYou created the ultimate fighting machine15
Iron ManYou mastered the basics of walker operation10
You Never Walk AloneYou completed part of the adventure with a wingman10
Green PeaceYou have proven to be very environmentally friendly10
Thunder StruckYou have dealt a critical blow to the Empire's power supply10
Mine! Mine! Mine!You managed to steer clear from sea mine shrapnel10


Todos los logros de Gatling Gears para Xbox 360.

25G: Veteran
Completa todas las zonas en el nivel de dificultad máximo.

20G: Back to Retirement
Vence a Julius Steelwell y salva al mundo destruyendo The Butler.

30G: Can't Touch This
Completa un área en Katharsis sin recibir daños.

15G: Take it to the Max
Mejora al máximo tu walker.

10G: Mine! Mine! Mine!
No recibas daños de las minas en el Tide of Battle.

10G: Thunder Struck
Destruye todos los cosechadores de rayos en Fog of War.

15G: Second in Command
Vence al General Brutos destruyendo The Excavator.

10G: Green Peace
No rompas ningún árbol en Trespassers.

25G: Gladiator
Termina todas las arenas del modo Survival.

20G: Survival of the Fittest
Completa una arena del modo Survival sin perder una vida.

10G: You Never Walk Alone
Completa un área en cooperativo.

10G: Iron Man
Aprende a controlar tu walker y completa el nivel Bootcamp.

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