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Logros de Steam de Raft

Beginner Builder!Build 10 foundations.
Beginner Survivor!Survive 1 day.
Dinnertime!Craft and place a simple grill.
Beginner Gatherer!Hook 100 items.
It's Better Without The Salt.Craft and place a simple purifier.
Beginner Shark Hunter!Kill 1 shark.
Intermediate Survivor!Survive 7 days.
Beginner Bird Hunter!Kill 1 bird.
Teamplay!Team up with a friend in multiplayer.
Aye Aye Captain!Place a sail and a stationary anchor on the same raft.
Is There A Utopia?
Bootleg Fireworks!
Beginner Lurker Hunter!Kill 1 Lurker.
Intermediate Lurker Hunter!Kill 10 Lurkers.
Intermediate Builder!Build 100 foundations.
Intermediate Shark Hunter!Kill 10 sharks.
Expert Survivor!Survive 30 days.
Intermediate Bird Hunter!Kill 10 birds.
Radio Tower Historian!Find all notes on the Radio Tower!
Large Landmass Ahoy!Discover a large island.
A More Complex Concoction!Cook a meal by following a recipe.
This Goes Here!
Vasagatan Historian!Find all notes on Vasagatan!
Beginner Bear Hunter!Kill 1 Bear.
Intermediate Bear Hunter!Kill 10 Bears.
Beginner Warthog Hunter!Kill 1 Warthog.
Intermediate Gatherer!Hook 500 items.
Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter!Kill 1 Poison-puffer.
Beginner Screecher Hunter!Kill 1 Screecher.
Beginner Wrangler!Capture 1 animal.
O Captain! My Captain!?
Beginner Bee-nevolent!Capture 1 bee.
Hoarder!Have 20 storages on the same raft.
Expert Bird Hunter!Kill 50 birds.
Exploring The depths!
An Ocean Cemetery!
Fix Errol!There you go Errol.
A Revelation!
Tiny Little Murderer
Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter!Kill 10 Poison-puffers.
Some Look Different!Capture a rare animal.
Caravan Town Historian!Find all notes on Caravan Town!
Beginner Ziponaut!Travel 100 meters with the zipline tool.
Small Spender! Spend 10 tokens.
Beginner Disruptor!Disrupt 1 Butler-Bot.
Intermediate Disruptor!Disrupt 10 Butler-Bots.
Launch Initiated!
Farmer!Have 20 cropplots on the same raft.
Bookworm!Research everything in the research table.
Beginner Painter!Paint 50 blocks.
Intermediate Wrangler!Capture 10 animals.
Intermediate Warthog Hunter!Kill 10 Warthogs.
Beginner Excavator!Dig up a treasure.
Intermediate Bee-nevolent!Capture 10 bees.
Medium Spender!Spend 20 tokens.
Balboa Historian!Find all notes on Balboa!
Expert Builder!Build 1000 foundations.
Expert Shark Hunter!Kill 50 sharks.
Expert Gatherer!Hook 5000 items.
Intermediate Painter!Paint 200 blocks.
Expert Painter!Paint 1000 blocks.
Mother Lode!Slay the Mama Bear.
Master Survivor!Survive 365 days.
Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter!Kill 50 Poison-puffers.
Intermediate Screecher Hunter!Kill 10 Screechers.
Expert Screecher Hunter!Kill 50 Screechers.
Not A Great Landing!
Expert Lurker Hunter!Kill 50 Lurkers.
Expert Bear Hunter!Kill 50 Bears.
Expert Wrangler!Capture 50 animals.
Expert Warthog Hunter!Kill 50 Warthogs.
Artistic Collection!
Tangaroa Historian! Find all notes in Tangaroa!
Zip Zap!Travel 50 meters on a zipline without disjointing.
Intermediate Ziponaut!Travel 500 meters with the zipline tool.
Expert Ziponaut!Travel 1500 meters with the zipline tool.
Intermediate Excavator!Dig up 20 treasures.
Expert Excavator!Dig up 50 treasures.
Former Glory!
Plumber Power!Have 30 pipes placed at once.
Bee Keeper!Have 10 beehives placed at once.
Expert Bee-nevolent!Capture 25 bees.
Boxed In!
Big Spender!Spend 30 tokens.
Expert Disruptor!Disrupt 20 Butler-Bots.
Real Fireworks!Witness 50 firework explosions.
You Should Not Be Here!

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