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Logros de Xbox Live de Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Infernal Master Destroyer DeluxeDante? Is that you?100
Daddy WarBugsAll Gunned Up!50
Chopper's ChoiceRule # 350
Who Ravages the Ravagers?Master killer40
HomewreckerHit'em where they Live!40
LiferWell, Hello, Mr. Fancypants!40
ScavengerLook what the Hector Dropped!30
High RollerYou are a consumer30
Survive-o-RamaI will survive!30
Ant FarmerGood start!25
Spider FighterArachnocidal maniac!25
ManticorePreying ON Mantis25
Fleet DepleterBet you died a lot doing this….25
Hangin' ToughBig Wave Rider25
Carrier DropperMayday! Mayday!25
Nesting InstinctTotal Nest-ruction!25
All Dressed Up...Isn't that special…25
Smells Like Team SpiritWay to be!20
CampaignerSharp dressed man20
Surviving...Still on the island20
Social Dead ButterflyThey got…. FRAGGED!20
The ArchitectUrban Renewal, EDF Style20
Demolition DerbyTraffic un-jammer20
CollateralYou litterbug20
Lemon SqueezyEasy Peazey20
Hector WreckerHector Who?15
It's BomberDrop the Bombers!15
Eyes Up!Tora! Tora! Tora!15
Welcome to the EDF1000? There must be a jillion of those things! Get busy!10
Good StartFive Alive10
Tick Tock Ya Don't StopBoom!10
HectorcideThe bigger they are….10
RegicideThe Queen is dead!10
PatricideWell he's a long gone daddy….10
ManticideWe mean it Man…..10
War Against Soaring Pests AwardGet out of my yard! 10
Gunship Down1000 down10
Look What the Rookie Did!Bug juicer10
Bedside MannerYou're so nice10
Lander CommanderHot LZ? What Hot LZ?10
Mechs MasterIt's a Mech-a-delic freakout!10
I Heard Them ScreamTanks a lot10
Nothing TurretLike a Turret in a punchbowl… 10
Amateur AntKiller100? That's nothing! 5
NewbYou want a medal for that?5
Tick PickerTick…Tick….5
Hector? What?What's a Hector?5
The Sting's the ThingEmpty nest5
It's a StartMmmmm…Gunships5
Helping Hand AwardGood Job! Now do it more!5



Amateur AntKiller: Mata 100 hormigas
Helping Hand Award: Revive a un compañero
Tick Picker: Mata 100 garrapatas
Newb: Mata 100 arañas
It’s a Start: Destruye 100 naves de guerra
Hector? What?: Mata 10 hectors pequeños
The Sting’s the Thing: Mata 10 avispas


Welcome to the EDF: Mata 1000 hormigas
Hectorcide (Secreto): Cuanto más grandes son…
Regicide (Secreto): La reina está muerta!
Manticide (Secreto): Eso es lo que queremos decir…
Look What the Rookie Did!: Mata 5000 enemigos
Nothing Turret: Consigue 500 muertes con torretas de base
Patricide (Secreto): Bueno, él es un buen papi…
Good Start: Supera 5 series en el modo Survival en una sesión
Gunship Down: Destruye 1000 naves de guerra
Lander Commander: Consigue 250 muertes con la torreta lander
Mechs Master: Consigue 500 muertes con el mech
Bedside Manner: Revive a 250 compañeros
I Heard Them Scream: Consigue 500 muertes con el tanque
War Against Soaring Pests Award: Mata 100 avispas
Tick Tock Ya Don’t Stop: Mata 5000 garrapatas


It’s Bomber: Mata 10 arañas bomber
Eyes Up!: Destruye 10 transportes
Hector Wrecker: Mata 100 hectors pequeños


Smells Like Team Spirit: Incapacita a un compañero
Campaigner: Desbloquea todas las armaduras
Collateral: Destruye 500 objetos del mundo
Demolition Derby: Destruye 500 coches o vehículos
The Architect: Destruye 500 edificios
Lemon Squeezy: Supera el juego en dificultad Normal
Surviving…: Consigue 1000 muertes en el modo Survival
Social Dead Butterfly: Consigue 10000 muertes en el modo Survival


Nesting Instinct: Destruye 10 nidos de araña u hormiga
Ant Farmer: Mata 10000 hormigas
Manticore (Secreto): Comienza a Rezar Mantis
Spider Fighter: Mata 10000 arañas
Carrier Dropper: Destruye 100 transportes
Hangin’ Tough: Sobrevive a las 100 oleadas (en total) del modo Survival
Fleet Depleter: Destruye 10000 naves de guerra
All Dressed Up…: Sube el nivel de una armadura al máximo


Survive-o-Rama: Sobrevive a 500 oleadas (en total) del modo Survival
Scavenger: Consigue todas las armas caídas
High Roller: Compra todas las armas disponibles para una armadura única


Homewrecker: Destruye 100 nidos de araña u hormiga
Who Ravages the Ravagers?: Mata 25000 enemigos
Lifer: Sube el nivel de todas las armaduras al máximo


Chopper’s Choice (Secreto): Regla 3
Daddy WarBugs: Compra todas las armas para todas las armaduras


Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe (Secreto): ¿Dante? ¿Eres tú?

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