Trucos de Marvel: Ultimate Alliance para Xbox One

Índice de trucos


En el menú principal o en la pantalla de héroes:

Todos los personajes: Arriba (2), Abajo (2), Izquierda (3), Start.
Todos los trajes: Arriba, Abajo, Arriba, Abajo, Izquierda, Derecha, Izquierda, Derecha, Arriba, Abajo, Start.
Todos los poderes: Izquierda, Derecha, Izquierda, Derecha, Arriba, Abajo, Arriba, Abajo, Izquierda, Derecha, Start.

Durante el juego:

Rellenador: Izquierda, Derecha, Derecha, Izquierda, Arriba, Abajo (2), Abajo.
Modo Dios: Arriba, Abajo, Arriba, Abajo, Arriba, Izquierda, Abajo, Derecha.
Super velocidad: Arriba, Izquierda, Arriba, Derecha, Abajo, Derecha.
Toque de la muerte: Izquierda, Derecha, Abajo (2), Derecha, Izquierda.


Portadas de cómic
Izquierda, Derecha (2), Izquierda, Arriba(2), Derecha en el menú "review"

Abajo(3), Derecha (2), Izquierda, Abajo en el menú "review"

Arriba, Izquierda(2), Arriba, Derecha (2), Arriba en el menú "review"

Fondos de pantalla
Arriba, Abajo, Derecha , Izquierda, Arriba(2), Abajo en el menú "review"


Guía para superar Ultimate Alliance.

Bonus de equipo

Crea un equipo con los personajes indicados para recibir el extra indicado:

Agents of Shield (Captain America, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Wolverine): +5 en todas las resistencias
Agile Warriors (Spider-Man, DD, Elektra, Deadpool, Black Panther): 10% de coste de energía reducido
Air Force (Thor, Storm, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel): +15% salud máxima
Alternate Identities: (Phantom Rider, War Machine, Sharon Ventura, Secret Wars Spider-Woman, Beta Ray Bill): +5% Criticals
Assassins (Wolverine, Deadpool, Blade, Electra): 60% aumento de créditos S.H.I.E.L.D.
Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman): +5% daño
Bad To The Bone (Blade, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Wolverine): 5% del daño se recupera en salud
Bruisers (Luke Cage, Captain America, Thing, Colossus, Ms. Marvel): +15 Striking
Classic Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther): +15% energía máxima
Dark Past (Blade, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman): +5% XP
Defenders (Iceman, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer): 5% daño inflingido se recupera en salud
Double Date (Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Storm): +5 regeneración de salud
Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing): +20 salud por KO
Femme Fatale (Any four females):+5% daño
Flashback (Classic Iceman, WWII Captain America, Original Daredevil, Classic Iron Man, Original Ms. Marvel, Classic Wolverine, Original Ghost Rider): +15% salud máxima
Martial Artists (Black Panther, Captain America, Daredevil, Nick Fury): +15 Striking
Marvel Knights (Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Black Panther, Luke Cage): +6 en todos los parámetros
Marvel Royalty (Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Thor, Storm): +60% más de créditos
Natural Forces (Human Torch, Iceman, Storm, Thor): 5% daño inflingido mientras sube la salud
Natural Leaders (Captain America, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Storm): +5% XP
New Avengers (Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine): +5% para todas las resistencias
New Fantastic Four (Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man): +15% energía máxima
Power Platoon (Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man): +20 energía por KO
Raven Ultimates (Silver Surfer, Thing, Colossus, Iceman, Deadpool, Moon Knight): +6 en todos los parámetros
Secret Defenders (Silver Surfer, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange): +5% daño
Scorchers (Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Thor): +10% coste reducido en poder
Supernatural (Blade, Dr. Strange, Thor, Ghost Rider): +5 regeneración de salud
Think Tanks (Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange): +15% salud máxima
X-Men (Storm, Iceman, Colossus, Logan): +15% energía máxima

Logros de Xbox Live de Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

The Ultimate Super HeroDefeated 4000 enemies.50
Excelsior!Beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in Hard Mode50
Mandarin's DownfallThe evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good.45
Mephisto's DefeatMephisto was struck down.45
The TricksterLoki was defeated.45
The Power CosmicThe mighty Galactus was toppled45
Doomed EndingDr. Doom was utterly defeated45
Dressed for SuccessUnlocked ALL outfits for EVERY hero.45
Scarlet SwashbucklerDaredevil was unlocked as a playable hero.30
Wakandan RoyaltyBlack Panther was unlocked as a playable hero.30
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Nick Fury was unlocked as a playable hero.30
Surfs UpSilver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero.30
Golden Age of ComicsAttained gold on all comic missions30
WidowmakerThrew 500 enemies off a ledge.30
Touch of DeathPerformed 200 Finishing Moves.30
Teh Mast3rWon 15 Arcade Mode levels consecutively.25
The DestroyerWon 100 Arcade Mode Levels.25
DoppelgängerDoom has spoken with himself.25
Wrong ClawsSabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine.25
Scared of HeightsThrew 50 Enemies off a ledge20
Good SamaritanCompleted Skrull Cityscape level without defeating a single enemy.20
Gamma GarbUnlocked all the outfits for the Hulk.20
Archer ApparelUnlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye.20
Optic OutfitsUnlocked all the outfits for Cyclops.20
Teleport ThreadsUnlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler.20
Mutant LoveCyclops has spoken with Jean.20
Doom's DudsUnlocked all the outfits for Doom.20
Magnetic RegaliaUnlocked all the outfits for Magneto.20
Symbiote SkinsUnlocked all the outfits for Venom.20
Creed's ClothUnlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth.20
Fleeting AlliesMagneto has spoken to Xavier.20
Dragon SlayerFin Fang Foom was defeated15
Blue Screen of DeathM.O.D.O.K was defeated.15
Underwater BattleTigershark and Attuma were defeated.15
Swimming with the FishThe mighty Kraken was defeated.15
Defeated Grey GargoyleGrey Gargoyle was defeated.15
Game OverArcade was defeated.15
Son of a DevilBlackheart was defeated.15
The Executioner's BladeExecutioner and Enchantress were defeated.15
Giant ReliefYmir fell to the forces of good.15
Warrior's PathGladiator was defeated.15
Deathbird's DefeatDeathbird was crushed.15
Titanic VictoryTitannus was defeated.15
Comic GodAnswered 20 Trivia Questions Correctly In A Row15
Super Hero TeamCompleted 25 levels with at least 1 other player.15
Battle HardenedWon 20 Arcade Mode Levels.15
Ultimate Team AllianceCompleted 25 levels with 3 other players.15
Legendary SuperheroDefeated 100 Enemies.15
Melee MasterPerformed 50 Finishing Moves.15
Marvel MasterAnswered 150 Trivia questions correctly.10
Fall to DeathThrew 5 Enemies off a Ledge10
Mad SkillzWin 3 Arcade levels consecutively10
Marvel GeekAnswered 15 Trivia questions correctly5
I have a friendCompleted a level with at least 1 other player.5
Battle TestedWon 1 Arcade Mode Level5
TeamworkCompleted 1 level with 3 other players.5
Fledgling SuperheroDefeated 10 Enemies5
PugilistPerformed 5 Finishing Moves.5

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