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Acaba con tus molestos vecinos en Party Hard.

Logros de Steam de Party Hard

Catch me if you canEscape from cop
Wait, It Will Be FunUse traps 50 times
Start Party HardStart Party Hard
Sweet dreamsKill 50 stunned persons
Rider on the stormKill 15 people with one car
Shadow masterKill 30 people without alarm in one level
Hey, Stop!Kill person who runs to call police 20 times
Venomous rushPoison 100 people
I'm sexy and i know it!Get your ass kicked for dance
MurdererKill 10 people in row
ButcherKill 1000 people
Garbage CollectorHide 50 bodies
Mmmaniac!Complete the game
RunnerComplete level in 3 minutes
RetributionKill all robbers in Casino level
LoserLose level with 1 alive person
SlayerKill 15 people in row
CunningComplete level with FBI
NinjaComplete level without found body
Chase breakersEscape cop 5 times
HellhoundKill 20 people in row
JockeyKill 50 persons with horse
ClubberPlay Party Hard 100 times
EngineerPass level without traps 3 times
UnbowedDie 100 times
Old CastleComplete Castle Level
Lol, Really?Complete all achievements

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