Una artista utiliza las portátiles de Nintendo como macetas de Pokémon

La artista Winnie Sumida, rinde homenaje a a la saga pokémon utilizando las antiguas consolas de Nintendo como maceteros.
Actualizado: 3:51 12/10/2020

La artista Winnie Sumida ha querido rendir un original homenaje a la saga Pokémon, creando unas curiosas macetas empleando para ello la Game Boy original y otras consolas portátiles de Nintendo.

Por oficio, Winnie es una diseñadora de sombreros y plantas de interior. Sin embargo, su proyecto llamado Waku Waku Island ha sido el más famoso... gracias al curioso uso que le ha dado a las consolas de Nintendo apoyándose en el mundo Pokémon.

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Time for #MarchMeetTheMaker Day 10: YOU! Hi! For all of you that don't know me, my name is Winnie Sumida and I'm the creator of Waku Waku Island and co-designer for @Huggalugs! I am a 28 year old Jewish-American artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I've loved cartoons, toys and cute things all my life. Disney, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon and Hamtaro were some of my childhood favorites and still are. When I saw the first episode of Pokemon in 1997, I fell in love and it just never stopped. . I have done a little bit of everything, from retail at Disneyland to professionally dog grooming for 5 years and even most recently working in the cannabis industry! I have no formal art education, Waku Waku Island was born while I was doing only three 12 hour shifts per week at an Urgent Care, I needed a hobby, something to do on my days off, and so I just started creating and making cute things for my home. The Gameboy planter was born while trying to think of weird containers to put plants in, and sure enough it was a hit. Now I get to do this pretty much full time along with designing and marketing for my parents children's clothing business Huggalugs! . Some other random facts: I have a Dauschund mix named Latte, My favorite Pokemon is Sylveon, I'm obsessed with K-Pop and K-Drama, my favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro, my fav anime is Cardcaptor Sakura, I'm married to a very handsome Japanese man, I have a twin brother, my nickname in highschool was Winnie the Jew and I live and work in my parents basement XD . . . . . #kawaiiartist #otakuartist #Myart #seattleartist #meetthemaker #makersgonnamake #makermovement #creativityfound #retrogaming #retrogamer #gamergirl #gamerlife #kawaiigirl #mmtm #kawaiistuff #pokemoncollection #pokemonart #pokemoncommunity #gameboy #gamer #gamerlife #retrocommunity #gameboymods #Pokémon #smallbusiness #creators #girlsrule #girlgamer #gamegirl #geekgirl

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Wow you guys 4,000 followers! Thank you so much for hitting that follow button on my page, I appreciate every single one 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 As a thank you I will be doing a Giveaway in February so please stay tuned for more info! a lot of people wrote in saying they want a Dragonite for the giveaway so that's what I'm planning on doing! 😁 . . . . . . . . +NO REAL GAMEBOYS HARMED+ Shells made from recycled plastic🌿 . . . . Custom orders are closed untill 2/1/19! Please visit my website WakuWakuIsland.com for more info! . . . . . . . . #かわいい #とっとこハム太郎 #otaku #otakuartist #anime #fanart #kawaiiart #kawaiiartist #kawaiigirl #kawai #hamster #hamstersofinstagram #hamham #toonami #nostalgia #fanart #hamtaro #toyphotography #retrogames #retrogaming #gameboy #gamegirl #nintendo #90skids #90stoys #pokemon #gameboycolor #japan_of_insta #crafts #konpeito #kawaiistuff

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Así es Waku Waku Island

Empleando consolas de Nintendo, generalmente Game Boy y Nintendo DS, Sumida extrae sus componentes y las rellena con guijarros, plantas y, por supuesto, las decora con adorables figuras de Pokémon.

Entre sus creaciones encontramos el Vulpix Gameboy Classic Succulent Planter Pokemon Terrarium, el Special Sweet Pastel Pikachu Gameboy Succulent Planter o el Waddle Dee Gameboy Succulent Planter. Cada uno de ellos, ofrece una bonita decoración natural con nuestros Pokémon favoritos.

Para haceros con una de estas bonitas creaciones, podéis dirigiros a la página de Etsy de Winnie, mientras que en Instagram podréis estar al día de sus últimas creaciones.

Por otro lado, aquí podéis encontrar toda la información que sabemos de los próximos juegos de la saga, Pokémon Espada y Escudo.

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