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También conocido como Bit Trip Runner 2, Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2, Bit.Trip Runner 2, BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.
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Logros de Xbox Live de Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien XBLA

Perfect PerfectionistTriple Perfect+ed the entire game. Holy crap!50
You are AWESOMECompleted all 90 Rewards.30
Future LegendBack on track to your FATE.30
Feel the BurnHow did you manage to get through the Mounting Sadds?25
Good StrideCompleted 70 Rewards.20
Sprint!!Completed 80 Rewards.20
Super Tree HuggerEvolved past the Supernature.20
HardcoreBeat all levels on hard. That's something!20
Triple PerfectionistTriple Triple Perfected once in each World.20
Going SomewhereCompleted 40 Rewards.15
Sir Trots-A-LotCompleted 50 Rewards.15
Running SteadyCompleted 60 Rewards.15
Water StriderMucked through the Emerald Brine.15
First StepsCompleted 10 Rewards.10
On Your WayCompleted 20 Rewards.10
Jogging AlongCompleted 30 Rewards.10
Cloud KingWhat were those giant things in the background of World 1? You are pretty sure you have no idea.10
Multiple PersonalitiesBeat 30 levels as alternate characters. Way to go!10
PerfectionistPerfect Runned each level.10
Who Dat!?You made a new friend.10
Double PerfectionistDouble Double Perfected once in each World.10
Dancing FoolYou got the fever and danced 100 times.5
Bullseye!Perfect+?! That's unpossible!5
MarathonerYou warned the Athenians of the oncoming Persian army!5
A New ChallengerCheckpoints are for suckers!5
Better Than PerfectGot 5 Perfect+s, one in each World.5


Todos los logros de Runner 2 para Xbox 360.

50G: Perfect Perfectionist
Achieve a Triple Perfect+ in every level

30G: You are AWESOME
Complete all 90 Rewards

20G: Triple Perfectionist
Get three Triple Perfects in each World

20G: Hardcore
Beat all levels on hard.

30G: Future Legend
Complete the game

10G: Perfectionist
Get one Perfect in each level

10G: Double Perfectionist
Get two Double Perfects in each World

5G: Better Than Perfect
Get one Perfect+ in each World

25G: Feel the Burn
Complete World 4

20G: Sprint!!
Complete 80 Rewards

20G: Good Stride
Complete 70 Rewards

15G: Running Steady
Complete 60 Rewards

20G: Super Tree Hugger
Complete World 3

15G: Sir Trots-A-Lot
Complete 50 Rewards

15G: Water Strider
Complete World 2

15G: Going Somewhere
Complete 40 Rewards

10G: Jogging Along
Complete 30 Rewards

10G: Cloud King
Complete World 1

10G: Who Dat!?
Unlock a new character

10G: On Your Way
Complete 20 Rewards

10G: First Steps
Complete 10 Rewards

5G: A New Challenger
Skip a checkpoint & beat a level

10G: Multiple Personalities (Secreto)
Beat 30 levels as alternate characters. Way to go!

5G: Dancing Fool(Secreto)
You got the fever and danced 100 times.

5G: Bullseye!(Secreto)
Perfect+?! That's unpossible!

5G: Marathoner(Secreto)
You warned the Athenians of the oncoming Persian army!

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