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Trucos de The Forest para PC

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Logros de Steam de The Forest

First NightSurvive 1 night
MonsterKill a bunny
SurvivalistSurvive 5 nights
Boy ScoutUse the compass
Camp OutSleep with another player (group sleep)
Climate ChangeCut down 100 trees
5 Star HotelSleep on yacht
First ResponderRevive one co-op player
UnseenMake and wear stealth armour
BirdseyeKill bird with arrow
PacifistDon't kill any cannibals for more than 10 days in a row
Minor CannibalismEat an enemy
Be Extremely NiceShare a weapon in MP
Serial KillerKill 100 cannibals
Demolition ExpertKnock down 6 or more trees with 1 explosive.
Major CannibalismEat an entire family
Green ThumbGrow all plant types
MedicRevive 10 co-op players
You should be looking for Timmy
SplatterKilled downed enemy with rock
Choppy ChopChop up 50 bodies
Commercial FishermanKill 6 or more fish with a stick of dynamite
Demolition Man Set off 20 bombs
HandymanRepair a shelter
Be NiceShare a food or drink item in MP
NaturopathCraft 10 medicine items
Longest WallBuild a super long wall
Survive The ForestFinish Game
Daily Grind
Make It Rain
Big Spender
Gabe FanCollect all cassette tapes!
Good FatherCollect all robot pieces
FishermanCatch fish with a trap
CraftyCraft all items
Bad father
Trophy HunterKill all animal types and display heads
VeganPlay through entire game without killing or eating animals
SpelunkerExplore all caves
Get ClosureFind all missing passengers
Bite me!Kill shark
You are a fun guyEat all mushroom types
Step MasterPass 50,000 steps
Don't Save The ForestCut down 1000 trees

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