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Desbloquea a Cain
Recoge 55 pennies en una partida.

Desbloquea a Magdalene
Consigue siete contenedores en una partida.

Logros de Steam de The Binding of Isaac

The Radioactive SpiderComplete the basement
The Rocki like to break things...
The Beanyou dont wanna know where this bean has been...
Monstros ToothDefeat all bosses in the basement
The SpelunkerComplete the Caves
The ParasiteKids shouldnt play with dead things...
Eve's Dead BirdMake 2 deals with the devil in one play through
Maggys WigCollect 7+ container hearts in one play through
Mr. Mega!Kids shouldnt play with matches...
Lil ChubbyDefeat all bosses in the caves
A Gift From Krampus
Cains EyepatchCollect 50+ pennies in one play through
I Killed Mom!kill mom...
The Book of SinDestroy the 7 Sins!
Moms Contactstay out of moms things!
The Common ColdDirty needles... eww
My head hurts...
Lokis HornsDefeat all bosses in the depths
Judas's FezComplete the full game
Moms Pill Bottlemom needs her pills! donate blood.
I need a hug...
The Gamekidi lost mine in the arcade...
The NooseComplete the full game 2 times
Basement BoyComplete the basement without taking damage
The NecronomiconCall death upon all of them!
The NailComplete the full game 3 times
The Shearsive lost my head one too many times...
The Left Hand
SamsonKill mom but pass on 2 treasure room items
The QuarterComplete the full game 4 times
The BagComplete the full game with Cain
The CrossComplete the full game with Maggy
The FetusComplete the full game 5 times
The HaloGive mom a taste of her own medicine!
Everythings Terrible!Complete the full game 6 times
The WaferComplete the full game 7 times
Money = PowerComplete the full game 8 times
It Lives!Complete the full game 9 times
The Robo-BabyComplete the full game with Judas
I have sticker fingers...
The Razor BladeComplete the womb with Eve
Moms KnifeComplete Sheol with Isaac
Mega FetusComplete Challenge 6
The Bomb BagComplete Sheol with Cain
The CandleComplete Challenge 1
The BandageMake a Super Meat Boy!
Super SMB FanComplete Challenge 7
The Spider ButtComplete Challenge 8
The D20Complete the final chapter with Isaac
The Lucky ToeComplete Challenge 2
Spelunker BoyComplete the caves without taking damage
The D6
Guppys TailComplete Challenge 4
The Burnt PennyComplete Challenge 3
The Fish HeadComplete Challenge 5
The Monster ManualComplete Sheol with Judas
Mamas BoyComplete the womb without taking damage
Blood LustKill moms heart with Samson
AbelComplete the final chapter with Cain
Guppys Hairball
The Demon BabyComplete Sheol with Eve
The Guardian AngelComplete Sheol with Maggy
The Counterfeit CoinComplete Challenge 9
Dads Key
The Curved HornComplete the final chapter with Judas
The CrossComplete the final chapter with Maggy
The Polaroid
Dark BoyComplete the depths without taking damage
Forget Me Now
The Sacrificial KnifeComplete the final chapter with Eve
Daddys love
Golden God!100% the game
Isaacs Head
The Bloody PennyComplete the final chapter with Samson
The Rainbow BabyComplete the final chapter with ???
???s Soul
Samsons Lock
Maggys Faith
Judas' Tongue
Blood RightsKill Satan with Samson
Cains Eye
Eves Bird Foot
Eternal MomBeat Mom in Hardmode
Eternal HeartBeat Moms Heart in Hardmode
Platinum God!100% the game
Eternal SatanBeat Satan in Hardmode
Eternal LifeGain 7 Health upgrades from Eternal Hearts
Eternal CathedralBeat the boss in the Cathedral in Hardmode
Hard GameBeat the Game in Hardmode!
Eternal IsaacBeat the game as Isaac in Hardmode
Eternal CainBeat the game as Cain in Hardmode
Eternal JudasBeat the game as Judas in Hardmode
Eternal MaggyBeat the game as Magdalen in Hardmode
Eternal SamsonBeat the game as Samson in Hardmode
Eternal EveBeat the game as Eve in Hardmode
Eternal ???Beat the game as ??? in Hardmode, and good luck!
Eternal PersonalitiesBeat the game as all characters in Hardmode.
Eternal God100% the game and hardmode (get all the achievements)

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