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Logros de Steam de Rebel Galaxy

On The GoTrade with a Merchant while in flight
Some MuscleHire a mercenary
Sweet New RidePurchase a new ship
A New Friend
Sure ShotDestroy 250 Fighter-Class Craft
Antimatter SpeckFind an Antimatter Speck
Progenitor ShardFind a Progenitor Shard
Membership Has Its PrivilegesJoin the Mercenaries' Guild
Card-Carrying MemberJoin the Merchant's Guild
Pirate HunterKill 1 Pirate Lord
Bounty HunterCollect 10 bounties
Tractor PullGather 200 objects with a tractor beam
Salvage JobSalvage 50 Containers
JumperJump out of the first solar system
Capital BreakerDestroy 100 Capital-Class Craft
Cold Hard CashReach a Net Worth of 5 Million Credits
Side JobsComplete 50 missions from the mission board
Siege BusterBreak 1 blockade
GozuFind the Face of Gozu
The BrassBecome friendly to the Militia
Good SamaritanRescue 20 merchants
Old HandReach rank 5 in any Guild
Filthy LucreReach a Net Worth of 50 Million Credits
Dusted And DoneComplete the main campaign
Under The TableSuccessfully bribe a Militia official
Feared Bounty HunterCollect 100 bounties
Torpedo BusterShoot down 500 torpedoes
Hardcore HackerHack 10 transponders successfully
A Pirate's LifePirate a merchant
DreadnaughtPurchase a Dreadnaught-class ship
Pirate KillerKill 20 Pirate Lords
Capital SmasherDestroy 1,000 Capital-Class Craft
Skull And CrossbonesBecome neutral to pirate factions
Miner 49'erMine 50 asteroids using a Fault Tracker
DeadeyeDestroy 2,500 Fighter-Class Craft
Siege BreakerBreak 10 blockades
DestroyerPurchase a Destroyer-class ship

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