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Supera esta aventura de plataformas y música con esta guía en vídeo.

Logros de Steam de Inside My Radio

My ears hear no more, Sire!
Get up, stand upJumpstart the heart of the boombox
Rhythm is a dancerTry the 9 rhythmic combinations in the first level
ArachnaphobiacSquash 10 spiders in the same run
Make a wishFind the secret area in the second electro level
Ups-and-downsCollect all elevator sounds in the third electro level
MixmasterInteract with all of the buttons of the mixing table
Muzak LoverChange the ambiant music 20 times in the same run
Pitch PerfectPerform a perfect at the piano mini game
Very Important PlayerOpen the three VIP doors
Everybody sing now!Turn on each character of the sequencer
Keepie-uppieBounce 5 times on the same bumper
What don't you get?Miss 5 actions in a row
I got rhythmFinish a level without rhytmic help
Beat MachinePulse 20 times in one run
Cap'TaekFinish all electro levels
Barry PeopleFinish all disco levels
Root ScratchFinish all dub levels
Dancing QueenBeat the disco boss
Cool RunningsBeat the dub boss
Get TrickyWin the final battle
Road RunnerFinish all Time Attack levels
TurboFinish one Time Attack level
It's over 9000!Get a score of over 500 000 000 in Time Attack mode
Monster ComboGet the maximum score in Time Attack mode

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