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Guía I am Setsuna
Guía I am Setsuna
Te acompañamos en el nuevo juego de rol de estilo clásico de Square Enix, I am Setsuna.
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También conocido como Project Setsuna, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna.
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Guía para el RPG de Square Enix I am Setsuna.

Logros de Steam de I am Setsuna

A New Direction
An Uninvited Guest
Those Who Take Up the Sword
The Soaring Shipwright
A Stern Leader
EnlightenmentMade one monster drop four materials at once.
All-Seeing EyeDefeated ten enemies with Exact Kill.
Crushing ForceDefeated ten enemies with Over Kill.
Hidden Agenda
Forgotten by Time
Realm of Sealed Hope
Moment of TruthMade one monster drop eight materials at once.
Awakened PowerUsed Momentum mode ten times in a single battle.
A Tale from a Land of SnowObtained all achievements.
Keeper of Legend
A Thousand Winters
From Beyond Oblivion
Realm of Sealed Courage
Realm of Sealed Love
Ruler of the Waves
A Forbidden Land
Waves of Change
Sacred Prayer
Everlasting Light
Sacrificial Love
Bringer of Destruction
Pride of the Royals
Reason for Being
Connoisseur of Salty Foods
Connoisseur of Sour Foods
Connoisseur of Bitter Foods
Connoisseur of Sweet Foods
Connoisseur of Savory Foods
Monster Slayer
The Chosen One
Worldly Wisdom
Total Destruction
The Light at the End
Of Legend and Myth
Infinite TacticsDefeated enemies with all Kill types.
Critical BlowInflicted 500 damage in a single hit.
Limit BreakerInflicted 1000 damage in a single hit.
Harmonic HeartUsed combos in Momentum mode 30 times.
Momentum MasterUsed Momentum mode 100 times.
Seeker of PowerFluxation occurred ten times in Command Spritnite.
Seeker of KnowledgeFluxation occurred ten times in Support Spritnite.
Seeker of TruthFluxation occurred four times in a single battle.
Ruler of Heaven and EarthFluxation occurred 200 times.
Spritnite MasterAdded maximum Fluxes to a spritnite stone.
Miracle AlchemistUsed one megalixir.

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