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También conocido como World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap.
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Logros de Steam de Deathtrap

FiresaleBuy a Special Offer item in the Shop.
First stepsEarn at least 2 stars on any Campaign map.
ButcherKill 100,000 monsters: every game mode counts!
Jack of all tradesBuild 15 different traps on a single map.
Monster mashSummon 1000 monster with summoning traps.
No pasaran!Build 1000 tower traps.
Killing floorBuild 1000 ground traps.
SteamrollDownload and complete 10 different user generated maps.
JumperUse the teleports 100 times.
That belongs in a museum!Find a Godlike item.
Adapt or dieSell 20 traps.
Needful thingsCraft 20 items.
Profit and funLoot 1,000,0000 gold.
Veteran hunterUnlock the Tier 3 skills with any character.
It's lonely up hereReach level 100.
Death to the trapsComplete a Tier 4 map without building a single trap as a Mercenary.
Can't touch thisComplete a Tier 4 map without receiving any damage as a Sorceress.
What we do in the shadowsComplete a Tier 4 map without directly damage a single monster as a Marksman.
ThreesomeReach level 10 with a Sorceress, Mercenary and Marksman.
The longest journeyComplete every map in the campaign.
Hero of the InkEarn 3 stars in every Campaign map on Tier 4.
Fast forwardComplete a map with the maximum x2 speed (counts from the first wave start phase).
InvincibleComplete a maximum difficulty Scenario without dying.
The Red KingComplete a Scenario with the 3 red challenges.
The Blue KingComplete a Scenario with the 3 blue challenges.
The Purple KingComplete a Scenario with the 3 purple challenges.
This time it's not personalComplete a Scenario.
Through fire and flamesComplete every map in Scenario mode.
Nightmare scenarioComplete a Scenario on difficulty 10.
Doomsday scenarioComplete a Scenario on difficulty 20.
Conservative planReach wave 20 in Endless without using any teleport.
Master gunnerReach wave 20 in Endless building only tower traps.
Devil's gardenReach wave 20 in Endless building only ground traps.
Nearing perfectionReach wave 30 in Endless.
Ink masteryReach wave 20 on every map in Endless.
A good startReach wave 10 in Endless without dying.
No remorseKill 100 bosses in Endless.
Hand in handEarn a star in the co-op mode.
Follow my leadHost a party and complete a map.
Heroes in the stormReach wave 30 in Endless in a party.
Common causeForm a party with 10 different players.
Loot and friendshipComplete a difficulty 20 scenario in a party.
On the dark sideDefeat 10 different players as the Attacker in Versus mode.
Defending championDefeat 10 different players as the Defender in Versus mode.
HumbledDefeat the attacker player with an intact base in Versus mode.
Paths of GloryWin 20 matches in Versus mode.
Puppet masterPossess 200 monsters as the Attacker in Versus mode.

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