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Aquí encontrarás el listado completo con todos los logros que existen para Imperator: Rome en PC y su puntuación Gamerscore. Además te mostramos qué es lo que tienes que hacer para conseguirlos todos y cuantos de nuestros usuarios los han ganado para que conozcas su dificultad.
Estadísticas de Imperator: Rome en Steam
Guía de logros de Imperator: Rome para PC
Render Unto Caesar
Conquer a city.
213.3 %
Survive a Civil War.
16.6 %
Do Not Disturb My Circles
Research 40 inventions.
16.6 %
Over 9000!
Have at least 9000 pops.
16.6 %
Mare Nostrum
As Rome, own every city adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.
16.6 %
As the nation of Megalopolis, have at least 80 pops in the city of Megalopolis.
00 %
The Bois Are Back in Town
As Boi, conquer or colonize the entire region of Boiohaemum.
00 %
Molon Labe!
As Sparta, conquer and sack the city of Persepolis.
00 %
The Spice Must Flow
As Mosylon, own every Spice producing city in the world.
00 %
Kingdom of David
Starting as a Jewish nation, own the regions of Palestine and Syria, as well as the areas of Sinai, Eastern Delta, Central Delta, Memphis, Euphrates, Niniveh, Mespotamia Superior, Tigris, Babylonia, Asoristan, and Veh Kavad.
00 %
Starting as a Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain nation, which is not the Mauryas, conquer Pataliputra, Babylon, Memphis, and Athens.
00 %
Heraclea Persica
Starting as Heraclea Pontica, form Persia whilist your ruler belongs to the Achaemenid dynasty.
00 %
Tyrian Purple
Form Phoenicia, own at least 500 ships, and produce a surplus of at least 5 dyes in Tyrus.
00 %
Pax Aeterna
Conquer the world.
00 %
City of the World's Desire
Have 15 Trade Routes in Byzantium.
00 %
Appoint a Dictator, and have the same Dictator voluntarily stand down.
00 %
Tribal Concord
Whilst you have a tribal government form, change a Law.
00 %
A New Home
Settle a new province as a Migratory Tribe.
00 %
Alea Iacta Est
Have an appointed Dictator refuse to give up power.
00 %
Soldier of Fortune
Send a disloyal pretender away to be a Mercenary.
00 %
Panem Et Circenses
Compete in the Olympic Games on at least 10 occasions.
00 %
International Relations
With your current ruler, acquire two other ruler-level friends.
00 %
Strategic Reserve
Import at least one of each Strategic resource to your capital province.
00 %
Legacy of Aristotle
Have four Researchers with at least 9 finesse each.
00 %
Tribal Assembly
As a Tribe, enact the decision to become a Republic.
00 %
Hispania Universalis
Form Greater Iberia
00 %
What have the Romans ever done for us?
As Rome, own and have at least 70 Civilization Value in every city within the Palestine region.
00 %
Punic Ascendance
Own, or have a subject own all of Hispania.
00 %
Times New Roman
As Rome, conquer the cities of Cariala, Italica, and Aquae Helveticae.
00 %
Antipater's Dream
As Macedonia, own the region of Greece.
00 %
The Besieger
As Phrygia, sack the cities of Babylon, Alexandria, Lysimacheia, and Pella.
00 %
The Romans are Crazy
Form Gaul.
00 %
Carthago Delenda Est
As Rome, own and sack the city of Carthage.
00 %
New Kingdom
Form Egypt, enact the Egyptian Succession law, and conquer the regions of Nubia and Syria.
00 %
Pyrrhic Victory
As Epirus, own Rome.
00 %
Perfidious Albion
Form Albion before the year AUC 500.
00 %
Imperial Ambition
Adopt the Empire government form.
00 %
Envy of the World
Have any owned city with 100 or more Civilization Value.
00 %
Pan-Hellenic League
As any Greek Republic, own the entire region of Greece.
00 %
Mystery Solved
As a Megalithic country, own at least 20 cities producing Stone, and the city of Cunetio.
00 %
As Egypt, own all the wonders of the world, through conquest or construction.
00 %
To the End of the World
As the Seleucid Empire or Bactria, conquer the regions of Gandhara, Mahdyadesa, Pracya, Maru, and Avanti.
00 %
Three Great Fires
Form Persia, and own Ganzak, Nevshapur, and Gur.
00 %
Holy Fire
Desecrate Holy Sites for at least 10 different religions.
00 %
No More Worlds Left to Conquer
Reform Alexander's Empire as a successor state.
00 %
Garum Nobile
In any owned city, produce a surplus of at least 10 fish.
00 %
True Vandal
As Vandalia, own any province in the regions of Mauretania, Numidia, Africa, or Cyrenaica, and occupy Rome in a war.
00 %
Germania Magna
As a Germanic nation, own every city in the regions of Germania, Germania Superior, Vistulia, and Boiohaemum.
00 %
The Man who would be King
As Bactria, become independent, and conquer the regions of Ariana, Bactria, and Gandhara.
00 %
Ashoka's Pillars
As the Mauryas, conquer all of India, convert to Buddhism, and have at least 80% Religious Unity.
00 %

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