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Aquí encontrarás el listado completo con todos los logros que existen para Dungeonland en PC y su puntuación Gamerscore. Además te mostramos qué es lo que tienes que hacer para conseguirlos todos y cuantos de nuestros usuarios los han ganado para que conozcas su dificultad.
Estadísticas de Dungeonland en Steam
Guía de logros de Dungeonland para PC
Friend Sheep
Complete a level with no sheep harmed
516.6 %
A Cake Made of Pain
Complete the Tutorial
516.6 %
You Want Something Done Right
Kill a Hero with a Possessed monster
310 %
First Blood
Kill your first Hero as the Dungeon Master
310 %
Challenge Accepted
Complete a level with at least one active Challenge
310 %
Window Shopper
Buy an item on the store
310 %
My First Loot
Earn 5,000 lifetime Gold
310 %
A Matter of Hygiene
Kill 50 Heroes as the Dungeon Master
26.6 %
The Power Of Evil
Win a DM Mode match as the Dungeon Master
13.3 %
A Taste Of The Dark Side
Your first DM unlock
13.3 %
Unlock all DM Spells
13.3 %
Monster Breeder
Unlock all DM Monsters
13.3 %
Monster Master
Unlock all DM Special Monsters
13.3 %
Versed In Evil
Unlock all DM Traits
13.3 %
Board of Directors
Unlock all DM Bosses
13.3 %
With My Own Hands
Unlock all DM Possession Abilities
13.3 %
Dungeon(Land) Master
100% Game Completion. We bow down to your awesomeness.
13.3 %
Commander Shepherd
Kill 5 enemies with a single sheep
13.3 %
Tough Love
Kill a friend. We know it was an accident... right?
13.3 %
Glory and Justice
Complete all Dungeons as Warrior
13.3 %
Someone Got Stabbed
Complete all Dungeons as Rogue
13.3 %
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers
Complete all Dungeons as Mage
13.3 %
Kill 300 Heroes as the Dungeon Master
13.3 %
Who spilled these Heroes all over my floor?
Wipe out the Hero party with a Boss monster
13.3 %
Here's Your Reward
Have a Hero open your Mana Mimic
13.3 %
Frozen Fool
Kill a Hero affected by your Evil Freeze ability
13.3 %
Card Advantage
Use Ace Up The Sleeve to draw an Ace Up The Sleeve card
13.3 %
Watch Your Step (Or Not)
Have a Hero activate one of your traps while using Stealth Traps
13.3 %
While equiping the Tin Armor, pick up an extra Life
13.3 %
A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
Defeat the Elder Dragon while dressed as the Classic Party
13.3 %
Go There and Come Back Here Again
Defeat the Elder Dragon on Impossible while dressed as the Classic Party
13.3 %
Shut up and get on my horse
While dressed as the Horse Party, complete DM Tower in less than 30 minutes
13.3 %
Sweet Lemonade
While equiping the Gentleman Suit, pick up a Potion
13.3 %
Hard Boiled
Deal 16000 damage in one stage using The Cannibal Chef
13.3 %
Spread the Cool
Slow down 6 monsters at the same time using The Merry Killer
13.3 %
Stab Stuff Senseless
Backstab 6 monsters in less than 15 seconds using Wereknife
13.3 %
The Perfect Shot
Pierce 4 enemies with a single Charged Shot using Bow of the Flying Duck
13.3 %
Full Tank
As Defender, complete a level without attacking using Sword of Baloon
13.3 %
Spartan Phalanx
Complete a level with 3 Lancers using Steam Lance
13.3 %
Park Regular
Play for 6 hours
13.3 %
Elder Abuse
Defeat The Elder Dragon on Hard difficulty
13.3 %
He Still Got Some Tricks On Him
Defeat The Elder Dragon on Harder difficulty
13.3 %
Old Schooled
Defeat The Elder Dragon on Impossible difficulty
13.3 %
Drunken Haze
Defeat The Beer Holder on Hard difficulty
13.3 %
Bar Fight
Defeat The Beer Holder on Harder difficulty
13.3 %
Watch This
Defeat The Beer Holder on Impossible difficulty
13.3 %
He Saw, We Conquered
Defeat The Lumber Tree on Harder difficulty
13.3 %
Knock on Wood
Defeat The Lumber Tree on Impossible difficulty
13.3 %
Gold Fever
Earn 100,000 lifetime Gold
13.3 %
The Power Of Friendship
Win a DM Mode match as a Hero
13.3 %
Crowded Control
Trap all Heroes inside a single Trapping Walls spell
00 %
While equiping the Lion Armor, kill an Elite monster while under 10% health
00 %
Don?t Step On The Grass
Defeat The Lumber Tree on Hard difficulty
00 %
Género/s: Acción / Rol
Ficha técnica de la versión PC
Desarrollo: Critical Studio
Producción: Paradox Interactive
Distribución: Steam
Precio: 9,99 €
Jugadores: 1-2
Formato: Descarga
Textos: Inglés
Voces: Inglés
Online: Sí
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