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También conocido como Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom, Ataque a los Titanes: Wings of Freedom.
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Logros de Xbox Live de A.O.T. Wings of Freedom

All Requirements AchievedAcquired all achievements100
Survey Merit 3Reached 100% Survey Mission completion.50
Largest Count of Subjugation MedalPerformed 50 Complete Subjugations during one battle.50
Complete Subjugation MedalAchieved a Battle Rating of S in all Attack Mode episodes.50
Special Subjugation Medal 2Subjugated all Dire Subjugation Targets in all Attack Mode episodes.50
Journey to the Unknown 4Reached 100% Gallery completion.50
Fight!!Subjugated a total of 1,000 enemies.50
Outstanding Attack 4Completed the Final Chapter of Attack Mode.30
Hope for EveryoneCompleted all requests.30
Journey to the Unknown 3Reached 50% Gallery completion.30
Strongest Army CorpsReached maximum Corps Skill.30
Necessary InvestmentUsed more than 100,000 Corps Funds in total.30
Devote Your Lives to the Cause!!Unlocked all characters.30
Survey Merit 2Reached 50% Survey Mission completion.20
Continuous Subjugation MedalPerformed 10 Complete Subjugations in a row during one battle.20
Journey to the Unknown 1Reached 10% Gallery completion.20
Journey to the Unknown 2Reached 25% Gallery completion.20
First Class SoldierReached maximum Soldier Skill with a character.20
Complete VictoryFought to victory in 10 battles without taking any damage.20
Overcome a Life and Death SituationAvoided 30 Titan attacks in Focus Time.20
ResourcefulnessCompleted a total of 30 side-missions.20
Thorough PreparationUsed items a total of 100 times.20
Exceptional Subjugation TeamworkDamaged a total of 100 parts.20
Strong TeamAllies damaged a total of 100 parts.20
Honorable SaluteHad over 100 allies join.20
Top Level CadetGot selected as a top-performing cadet.10
Outstanding Attack 1Completed Chapter 1 of Attack Mode.10
Outstanding Attack 2Completed Chapter 2 of Attack Mode.10
Outstanding Attack 3Completed Chapter 3 of Attack Mode.10
Survey Merit 1Reached 25% Survey Mission completion.10
Reliable ComradeCompleted 10 requests.10
Exceptional OneAchieved a Battle Rating of S in an episode.10
Special Subjugation Medal 1Subjugated your first Dire Subjugation Target.10
First Time for DevelopmentDeveloped a weapon.10
Counterattack RoarSubjugated a Titan with Eren.10
Titan with IntelligenceSubjugated a Titan with Titan Eren.10
The Greatest Soldier of All HumanitySubjugated a Titan with Levi.10
Results of TrainingEngaged in omni-directional movement for 1 minute without landing.10
Lightning SpeedSubjugated 10 Titans within 1 minute.10
Trustworthy ComradesHad an ally join.10
Mutual SupportSaved a friend.10
Don't Miss an OpportunityActivated a Decisive Battle Signal.10
Overcome the Fear of DeathExperienced over 100 friendly unit deaths.10

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