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También conocido como Zero Escape Volume 3, Zero Escape 3, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma.
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Monty Hall (equipo C)

Resolución del puzle Monty Hall.

Surppression (equipo D)

Resolución del puzle Surppression.

Fire (equipo D)

Resolución del puzle Fire.

Ambidex (equipo C)

Resolución del puzle Ambidex.

Anthropic Principle (equipo C)

Resolución del puzle Anthropic Principle.

Suspicion (equipo C)

Resolución del puzle Suspicion.

Poison (equipo C)

Resolución del puzle Poison.

Triangle (equipo Q)

Resolución del puzle Triangle.

Pop Off! (equipo Q)

Resolución del puzle Pop Off!.

Radical-6 (equipo Q)

Resolución del puzle Radical-6.

Outbreak (equipo D)

Resolución del puzle Outbreak.

Transporter (equipo D)

Resolución del puzle Transporter.

Door of Truth (equipo D)

Resolución del puzle Door of Truth.

Logros de Steam de Zero Time Dilemma

Still a RookieComplete 1 quest.
In the Big Leagues Now
The Go-To Guy
A Grain of SandGain 1 Cinema File.
Crib SheetObtain 1 Quest File.
All-Seeing WisdomObtain all Quest Files.
Beginning of the End
Fly Me to the Moon
What is Love? Don't Hurt Me
A Rabbit in My Future
A Silver Lining
Gotta Go Back in TimeGo through your first bad ending.
Coming Up on 90 MinutesWatch all the cinematics in a fragment.
Down the Hatch
Blessed by Lady Luck
Tell Them What They Won
What Are Ya, Chicken?
Calculated Risk
Wrinkle in Time
Virtual Reality
Schrödinger's Cat
Virtue's True Reward
Zero EscapeCollect all trophies.
Mountain of KnowledgeGain all Cinema Files.
It Came From Within
The Final Decision
C-Team Subject Report
Q-Team Subject Report
D-Team Subject Report
Bigger on the Inside

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