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Una guía centrada sólo en los juicios.


Guía para resolver el misterio de esta delirante aventura. Obviamente, incluye importantes spoilers de la historia.

Logros de Steam de Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

From Zero to Hero
Skilling 'Em SoftlyCleared the 10 SP threshold
One Is the Loneliest Number
What's a Mistrial?Cleared every class trial without having to retry a single time
PsychicFilled in every page of Sayaka's Report Card
Three's a Crowd
Four by Gore
Five Alive
All's Well That Ends...Umm...
Two of a Kind
Not From ConcentrateCleared every class trial without using your Concentration skill a single time
The Color of TelevisionDestroyed 100 white noise lines across all class trials
Ooh, For Me?Collected 50 unique presents
You Must AcquitCleared every class trial without taking any damage
Hey, Big SpenderEnjoyed the exciting excitement of the MonoMono Machine 100 times
Skill or Be SkilledCleared the 20 SP threshold
Mystic DonutFilled in every page of Aoi's Report Card
Memoirs of a FashionistaFilled in every page of Junko's Report Card
Hope's Peak ConfidentialFilled in every page of Kyoko's Report Card
The French DisconnectionFilled in every page of Celeste's Report Card
GoodFellowsFilled in every page of Chihiro's Report Card
The Devil Wears a High School UniformFilled in every page of Kiyotaka's Report Card
Nine Coins, Nine Purses, Nine BearsCollected 999 Monocoins
The Game HungersFilled in every page of Byakuya's Report Card
Rebel Without a High School DegreeFilled in every page of Mondo's Report Card
Almost Almost FamousFilled in every page of Leon's Report Card
Lost in ScanslationFilled in every page of Hifumi's Report Card
Ghostface SkillahCleared the 30 SP threshold
LovesportFilled in every page of Sakura's Report Card
The Sixth NonsenseFilled in every page of Yasuhiro's Report Card
School's Out For Summer
Strangers in a BrainFilled in every page of Toko's Report Card
Mr. Know-It-AllFilled in every page of every character's Report Card
Tuned to a Dead ChannelDestroyed 500 white noise lines across all class trials
School's Out Forever
Rogue's GalleryUnlocked all gallery items
Seriously, You Shouldn't HaveCollected every possible present
Despair's Last RewardEarned every other achievement in the game

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