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Island Mode
Termina el juego.

Magical Miracle Girl Monomi
Completa el primer capítulo.

Novela Dangan Ronpa IF
Termina el juego.


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Island Mode

Guía del modo isla.

Logros de Steam de Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Murderous Marooning
Dead Man's Party
Death, Lies, and Video Games
Is It Medicine or Social Skill?
Bred for Destruction
Abandon All Hope
Goodbye Academy of Despair
Co-Op PartnerFilled in every page of Chiaki's Report Card
Blowin' Through My ScreenDestroyed 100 white noise lines across all class trials
Look at This Stuff, Isn't it Neat?Collected 50 unique presents
Be Beary, Beary Quiet...Found half of the Hidden Monokumas
Can We Keep Him?Fully raised one type of pet
Halfway There!Hajime Hinata breaks through level 50
Case ClosedCleared a class trial without having to retry once
Hey, Big VendorChallenged vending machine 100 times
Walking the WalkBreak through 5000 total number of steps
The Airborne Static EventDestroyed 500 white noise lines across all class trials
A Royal AffairFilled in every page of Sonia's Report Card
Hope Springs EternalFilled in every page of Nagito's Report Card
Starving for AffectionFilled in every page of Akane's Report Card
Dynamic DuetFilled in every page of Ibuki's Report Card
Nice CalvesBreak through 10,000 total number of steps
A Fool and His Money...Obtained all types of items in vending machine
Overlord's VassalFilled in every page of Gundham's Report Card
Grease Monkeying AroundFilled in every page of Kazuichi's Report Card
The Game Hungers for Seconds...and ThirdsFilled in every page of Byakuya's Report Card
Helloooooooooooooooo Nurse!Filled in every page of Mikan's Report Card
Feudal FriendshipFilled in every page of Peko's Report Card
The 1 PercentCollected 999 Monocoins
A Magical Ending
Cooking With PassionFilled in every page of Teruteru's Report Card
Caught in a Rad BromanceFilled in every page of Nekomaru's Report Card
Honor and HumanityFilled in every page of Fuyuhiko's Report Card
It's Lolita ComplicatedFilled in every page of Hiyoko's Report Card
Picture PerfectFilled in every page of Mahiru's Report Card
Mr. CongenialityFilled in every page of every character's Report Card
For the HoardCollected every possible present
I Should Start a CircusFound every Hidden Monokuma
I Wanna Soak Up Some Sun
Capped Out!Hajime Hinata breaks through level 99
This Belongs in a Museum!Unlocked all gallery items
Any Objections?Cleared a class trial without taking any damage
I'm Sorry, What Were You Saying?Cleared a class trial without using your Concentration skill once
Gotta Raise 'Em All!Fully raised every type of pet
Life's a Real Beach
Monomi Won't Miss These, Right?
Hope's Last RewardEarned every other achievement in the game

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