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Trucos de Battle Chasers: Nightwar para Xbox One

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Logros de Xbox Live de Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Queen of the NorthKill C'drall90
A Fantasy, FinalizedFinish the game on NG+90
The LibrarianUnlock 100% of the Lore Book30
All out of bubblegum...Acquire all of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons30
CosplayingUnlock all Hero Skins30
Mass RuckusUnlock All Battle Bursts30
Are You Not EntertainedGet Max Score in the Battle Arena30
Like A NossKill all the Beastmaster's Targets30
Must Be BoredComplete all dungeons on Legendary difficulty30
Epic CrafterCraft 10 Epic Items30
Big Game HunterComplete 100% of the Bestiary30
Fish WatchingComplete the Fishiary (100% catch all fish)30
Well ReadUnlock 50% of the Lore Book15
An Unstoppable ForceAcquire 1 of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons15
Ch-ch-ch-changes!Unlock a Hero Skin15
Battle ReadyUnlock a Level 3 Battle Burst15
Warming UpGet a Mid level score at the Battle Arena15
Fresh MintAcquire 100,000 gold (culmulative)15
The New BitcoinAcquire 200 Shadow Coins15
Finders KeepersGet all three chests in The Winding15
Go On...Kill one of the Beastmaster's Targets15
Trial By CombatComplete the Path of Fangs15
Too LateComplete Junktown15
That's Deep, BroComplete The Dig15
Bad Moon RisingComplete Deadwatch15
Lich, PleaseComplete Strongmont15
Beauty is in the EyeComplete the Crimson Garden15
Vice VersaComplete the Mana Rifts15
Barrel of FunFind Knolan15
Blood and TearsBring Alumon into the party15
Seeing RedFind Monika15
Brave by DefaultComplete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty15
The Looking GlassStart NG+15
Master CrafterCraft 50 items15
Rare CrafterCraft 10 Rare Items15
The New StandardCraft a legendary item15
Risk TakerCraft an item with less than 10% success chance15
Mystery SolvedRecover an item from the Mystery Cube15
Dirty HandsKill 500 enemies15
Behold, My True FormReach level 3015
You're learning...Unlock a Beast Perk15
Little Game HunterComplete 50% of the Bestiary15
No ParleyDefeat the Pirate Captain15
AnglerCatch 50 Fish15
Apprentice CrafterCraft an item10
SurvivorsMake it to the road10
It's Just BeginningComplete the Iron Outpost10
Beginner's LuckCatch an Epic Fish10

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