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Logros de Xbox Live de The Undergarden XBLA

Color your worldGrow all the flowers on every level25
Rainbow collectionCollect all the bonus flowers in the game25
I wanna be a rock starPickup up every musician in the game at least once20
Happy Birthday to MeComplete "Grab Hold", "Watch Out, They Spit", and "Hold on Tight" in under 20 minutes20
The Devil wears ProduceHold a musician, heavy fruit, lantern fruit, and explosive fruit while wearing red horns20
A very good yearCollect 17 crystals in the game20
Blown awayGrow 50% of plants in "Wind Surfing", "Kaboom!", "Blown Away" and "Handle With Care"15
Listen to the flower peopleRe-bloom some flowers carrying 3 musicians at once15
Time to hit the sackHit every pollen sack in "Batteries Not Included", "Zap!" and "Into the Machine"15
Let's clear the airClear most of the smog in the smoggy levels15
It's the journey that countsSuccessfully complete “Horn of Plenty” either alone or with a friend.15
The UnderGardenerSuccessfully complete “The Sum of all Things”, either alone or with a friend. 15
Sowing the seeds of loveGrow your first fruit tree10
Turn that thing offDrop a bomb on a musician10
Someone set us up the bombDrop a bomb on the second player in a co-op game10


Todos los logros de The Undergarden para Xbox 360.

15G: It's the journey that counts
Completa "Horn of Plenty" solo o con un amigo.

20G: A very good year
Coge 17 cristales en el juego.

15G: The UnderGardener
Completa "The Sum of all Things" solo o con un amigo.

15G: Let's clear the air
Libera la niebla en los niveles nublosos.

20G: Happy Birthday to Me
Completa "Grab Hold", "Watch Out, They Split" y "Hold on Tight" en menos de 20 minutos.

15G: Time to hit the sack
Dale a todos los sacos de polen en "Batteries Not Included", "Zap!" y "Into the Machine".

25G: Rainbow collection
Coge todas las flores en el juego.

25G: Color your world
Haz crecer todas las flores en todos los niveles.

20G: I wanna be a rock star
Coge a todos los músicos del juego al menos una vez.

20G: The Devil wears Produce
Lllevando cuernos rojos, ten un músico, una fruta pesada, una fruta linterna y otra explosiva.

10G: Someone set us up the bomb
Suelta una bomba al segundo jugador en una partida cooperativa.

15G: Blown away
Haz crecer el 50% de las plantas en "Wind Surfing", "Kaboom!", "Blown Away" y "Handle With Care"

10G: Turn that thing off
Suelta una bomba a un músico.

15G: Listen to the flower people
Haz renacer algunas flores llevando tres músicos al mismo tiempo.

10G: Sowing the seeds of love
Haz crecer tu primer árbol de frutas.

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