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Cambiar nombres

Para cambiar los nombres de los personajes controlados por la CPU en modo rápido/deathmatch tienes que ganar los suficientes partidos deathmath para tener al menos uno del equipo en rango élite.

Logros de Steam de Worms World Party Remastered

Arrow? Is it Me You?re Looking ForDamage an enemy worm with both arrows from the Longbow
Homing Is Where the Heart IsDamage enemy worms with the Homing Pigeon and Homing Missile in the same match
Mine?s A DoubleDamage two enemy worms at the same time with the Mine
The Gun ShowKill 1 worm with the Shotgun and 1 worm with the Uzi
Mission ImprobableComplete all of the single player missions
?Straining DaySet a time for each of the single player training missions
There Is Elite That Never Goes OutAchieve Elite status in single player deathmatch
This Gun?s For HirePlay an online multiplayer game with the ?high damage firearms? worm pot mode enabled
Two Strikes and You?re OutKill two enemy worms at the same time with the Napalm Strike
Bazookanade Complete a Ranked BnG match
Prod One OutWin any match by killing the last enemy worm with the Prod
Let?s Sea That AgainDrown 100 enemy worms
Plantain Bombs Kill an enemy worm with the Banana Bomb
Holier Than ThouKill an enemy worm with the Holy Hand Grenade
The Artillery of WarWin an online multiplayer match with the Artillery setting enabled

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