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Modo difícil
Completa el juego.

Modo Ironman
Completa el juego.

Sin voltereta/carrera
Completa el juego.

Modo auténtico
Derrota a todos los jefes, termina el juego y vence al jefe final secreto.

Logros de Steam de Titan Souls

First BloodSlay a Titan
Out of the Frying Pan...Open the first Sealed Gate
...Into the FireOpen the second Sealed Gate
Titan SoulBeat the Game
Laser Eye SurgeryKill the Eye Cube while pulling back the arrow
Leak SpinKill the Skull Titan as it spins
Beating the YetiFinish in under 10 seconds...
COME AT ME BROKill the Rolling Titan in under 5 seconds
Dental PlanRemove all teeth from the Mountain Titan then kill it
A Collision of SoulsKnock yourself out in the battle for the Titan Soul
SlimeballKill the Sludge titan with no more possible divisions
Short Back and SidesCut all the vines off the Plant Titan
Ca$h Mon£yProduce 50 coins in the Chest fight
TitanicDestroy all icebergs
Shadow of the ColossusKill the Broken Statue Titan while pulling back the arrow
Demo ManKill the Knight after destroying all pillars
Drug TrialSuccumb to the effect of spores for 30 seconds total
BombermanDrop a bomb on the Lava Blob Titan's head
AerodynamicsBeat the game in under 20 minutes
Iron HumanBeat the game in Iron Mode
Iron TitanBeat the game in Iron Mode with New Game+
Hard BizkitBeat the game without rolling rolling rolling (in No Roll mode)
New Game+Beat Hard Mode
Brain FreezeKill the Brain with a flaming arrow
The SwitchTrigger the Guardian's switches with the wrong hands and kill it
Iron GodSlay all Titans in Iron Mode

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