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Logros de Steam de The Banner Saga 2

AseleiVisit the godstone Aselei.
The Saga ContinuesImport Save Game from Banner Saga 1.
BerserkerDefeat 3 enemies with a Berserk.
ShieldmaidenDefeat 3 enemies with a Shieldmaiden.
Axe ThrowerDefeat 3 enemies with an Axe Thrower.
IrynxVisit the godstone Irynx.
BaldringrVisit the godstone Baldringr.
TeuluDefeat 3 enemies with a Male Horseborn Teulu.
Normal DifficultyComplete the game on Normal difficulty.
Vez'nanVisit the godstone Vez'nan.
GeirraðrVisit the godstone Geirraðr.
BygglaererVisit the godstone Bygglaerer.
LaugaVisit the godstone Lauga.
Varl DregsReach Oldford with at least 20 Varl following Bolverk.
WarmongerFight 32battles in a single playthrough.
PoetDefeat 3 enemies with a Poet.
CantrefDefeat 3 enemies with a Female Horseborn Cantref.
WandererDefeat 3 enemies with a Wanderer.
TrackerDefeat 3 enemies with a Tracker.
Keep Your WitsBolverk always acts as the Ravens expect.
QuartermasterComplete the game without letting anyone in your caravan die to hunger.
Rook's JourneyMeet King Meinolf with Rook.
Forced MarchReach Arberrang in 100 days or less.
Sven's TrainingComplete Sven's Training.
ZefrDefeat 3 enemies with Zefr.
SlaughtererDefeat 3 enemies with a Slaughterer.
Alette's JourneyMeet King Meinolf with Alette.
Treasure HunterAcquire 3 rank 10 items.
Holfi's TrainingComplete Holfi's Training.
Fighting ForceBuild an army of over 600 trained fighters.
Sundr SlayerKill a Sundr.
Master TacticianWith 6 Rank 10 units, win a Hard difficulty sparring battle in the Training Tent.
Against all OddsPrevail with Rook against overwhelming numbers.
Culling FrenzyKill 5 in one turn with Cull the Weak.
SneakyKill 5 enemies while stealthed.
Alliance of ConvenienceMaintain an alliance with Rugga.
DemolitionBreak 30 barricades in a single playthrough.
War BearDefeat 3 enemies with War Bear.
Hard DifficultyComplete the game on Hard difficulty.
ChallengeComplete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.
High SpiritsComplete the game without ever getting low morale.
Leader of ClansBring 400 clansmen safely into Arberrang.
Intense ReposessionWitness Eyeless possess 10 fallen units.

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