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Aquí encontrarás el listado completo con todos los logros que existen para Wayward Souls en PC y su puntuación Gamerscore. Además te mostramos qué es lo que tienes que hacer para conseguirlos todos y cuantos de nuestros usuarios los han ganado para que conozcas su dificultad.
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Guía de logros de Wayward Souls para PC
Selfless Gift
Bought a Gift upgrade.
0 %
Gift Giver
Bought six Gift upgrades.
0 %
Clean Sweep
Defeated a boss in under 20 seconds.
0 %
Power attacked an enemy right after inflicting a normal attack.
0 %
Died to the same boss as 4 different characters.
0 %
Divine Luck
Went down a floor while at critical health.
0 %
Close Call
As the Warrior, took out your shield a second before being struck.
0 %
Axe a Question
As the Warrior, defeated a strong enemy using only throwing axes.
0 %
Golden Warrior
Defeated the gold boss as the Warrior.
0 %
Desperate Light
As the Adventurer, defeated 5 enemies in a row using only your lantern.
0 %
As the Adventurer, stunned a strong enemy 4 times in the same fight.
0 %
Golden Adventurer
Defeated the gold boss as the Adventurer.
0 %
Scatter to the Winds
As the Mage, nullified an enemy magic projectile using the Gust ability with the starter robe.
0 %
Chaos Storm
As the Mage, used 4 different targeted attack scrolls in 4 seconds on an enemy.
0 %
Golden Mage
Defeated the gold boss as the Mage.
0 %
Elegant Solution
As the Rogue, defeated 5 enemies in a row using only dashes and backstabs.
0 %
Blunt Solution
As the Rogue, used your starter boots to stun 3 enemies with a single kick.
0 %
Golden Rogue
Defeated the gold boss as the Rogue.
0 %
Seven in One Stroke
As the Spellsword, struck 7 different enemies with a single power attack charge.
0 %
Magic Eater
As the Spellsword, used a scroll to nullify 3 enemy spells at the same time.
0 %
Golden Spellsword
Defeated the gold boss as the Spellsword.
0 %
The Thresher
As the Cultist, defeated an enemy with a stab and point-blank dagger throw in a row, twice.
0 %
Fighting Dirty
As the Cultist, blinded 5 enemies at a time, then defeated them all without taking damage.
0 %
Golden Cultist
Defeated the gold boss as the Cultist.
0 %
Hat Connoisseur
Collected 200 hats.
0 %
Diamond Soul
Cleared the Labyrinth on one character.
0 %
For one character: acquired all upgrades, cleared every dungeon up through Labyrinth, and got their three class-specific achievements.
0 %
Reached the 100th floor of the Eternal Shadow.
0 %
Wayward Souls
Cleared the Labyrinth as all six Wayward Souls.
0 %
Gauntlet Master
Conquered the Gauntlet.
0 %
Arena Champion
Triumphed in the Arena.
0 %
Género/s: Action-RPG
También en: iPhone Android

Ficha técnica de la versión PC

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 28/8/2019
  • Desarrollo: Rocketcat Games
  • Producción: Rocketcat Games
  • Distribución: Steam
  • Precio: 12.49 €
  • Jugadores: 1
  • Formato: Descarga
  • Textos: Inglés
  • Voces: -
  • Online: -
  • Requisitos PC
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