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Pulsa F8 para activar el modo desarrollador y luego F9 para mostrar la pantalla de la consola. Introduce el siguiente código para activar la función.

Hacer aparecer un objeto
give <nombre de objeto> <número>

Logros de Steam de Pixel Piracy

Grog 'n' women!Visit a tavern
MR. SEAGULL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?Have a seagull poop on your ship
RAISE THE MAST ME HARTIES!!!Set sail for the first time
POOPdeck...Have at least 5 poop on your ship
Land LubberVisit an island with no town
BOOTY!Find a treasure chest and open it
Grand Theft MarineCapture an enemy ship
YARRRRRRRRPlunder an enemy ship
Bounty!Accept a bounty quest
Socially inadequateKill a hobo
Lives up to his name!Horke the Flatulent poops
Who be makin this game?Check out the credits
I'm a mighty pirate!Have 10 or more pirates on your crew
Robinson Hobo'dFind a stranded hobo
Gotta catch em all..Capture an animal to be your pet
Jolly Roger ThatAdd a pirate flag to your ship
Kung Fu FightingVisit a panda island
LEGEN - Wait for it....Pick a fight with a legendary pirate
KABOOOM!One of your pirates dies while using Kaboom
Mutiny!Have a pirate turn hostile due to low morale
- DARY!Defeat a legendary pirate
I see dead pixelsKill a total of 1000 enemies
GOLDENLoot a total of 10000 gold
Meta!Have both Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky on your ship
Beat the game... for now?Defeat all the Legendary pirate ships
The Diaper BrotherhoodHave 5 of your crewmates wear diapers at the same time
GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!Capture 50 animals
Treasure hunterDig up 10 buried treasure chests
Mr. Croft I presume?Unearth an epic buried treasure
MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014!Have your captain wear the seasonal item set

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