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Golden cookieClick a golden cookie.
BuilderOwn 100 buildings.
EnhancerPurchase 20 upgrades.
Pretty pennyHave 1 bank.
Your time to shrineHave 1 temple.
Fledgling bakeryBake 1 million cookies in one ascension.
Affluent bakeryBake 100 million cookies in one ascension.
World-famous bakeryBake 1 billion cookies in one ascension.
Making some doughBake 1,000 cookies in one ascension.
So baked right nowBake 100,000 cookies in one ascension.
Wake and bakeBake 1 cookie in one ascension.
Casual bakingBake 1 cookie per second.
Hardcore bakingBake 10 cookies per second.
Steady tasty streamBake 100 cookies per second.
Cookie monsterBake 1,000 cookies per second.
Mass producerBake 10,000 cookies per second.
ClicktasticMake 1,000 cookies from clicking.
ClickathlonMake 100,000 cookies from clicking.
ClickolympicsMake 10 million cookies from clicking.
ClickHave 1 cursor.
Double-clickHave 2 cursors.
Mouse wheelHave 50 cursors.
Grandma's cookiesHave 1 grandma.
Sloppy kissesHave 50 grandmas.
Bought the farmHave 1 farm.
Production chainHave 1 factory.
You know the drillHave 1 mine.
Lucky cookieClick 7 golden cookies.
BewitchedHave 1 wizard tower.
Reap what you sowHave 50 farms.
Excavation siteHave 50 mines.
AugmenterPurchase 50 upgrades.
What's in a nameGive your bakery a name.
Cookie vortexBake 1 million cookies per second.
Of Mice and MenHave 100 cursors.
Retirement homeHave 100 grandmas.
ExpeditionHave 1 shipment.
A stroke of luckClick 27 golden cookies.
ArchitectOwn 500 buildings.
Fit the billHave 50 banks.
Dude, sweetHarvest 7 coalescing sugar lumps.
Cosmic bakeryBake 100 billion cookies in one ascension.
Galactic bakeryBake 1 trillion cookies in one ascension.
Cookie pulsarBake 10 million cookies per second.
ClickoramaMake 1 billion cookies from clicking.
Farm illHave 100 farms.
Industrial revolutionHave 50 factories.
TransmutationHave 1 alchemy lab.
Shady sectHave 50 temples.
Fading luckClick a golden cookie less than 1 second before it dies.
Cookie quasarBake 100 million cookies per second.
Hollow the planetHave 100 mines.
FortuneClick 77 golden cookies.
ElderOwn at least 7 grandma types.
You win a cookieThis is for baking 10 trillion cookies and making it on the local news.
SacrificeAscend with 1 million cookies baked.
OblivionAscend with 1 billion cookies baked.
Just wrongSell a grandma.
A whole new worldHave 1 portal.
ClickasmicMake 100 billion cookies from clicking.
Friend of the ancientsHave 150 grandmas.
ClickageddonMake 10 trillion cookies from clicking.
A loan in the darkHave 100 banks.
The sorcerer's apprenticeHave 50 wizard towers.
RebirthAscend at least once.
Universal bakeryBake 100 trillion cookies in one ascension.
Oh hey, you're still hereBake 1 billion cookies per second.
From scratchAscend with 1 trillion cookies baked.
Global warmingHave 100 factories.
Time warpHave 1 time machine.
AntibatterHave 1 antimatter condenser.
WholesomeUnlock 100% of your heavenly chips power.
ClicknarokMake 1 quadrillion cookies from clicking.
New-age cultHave 100 temples.
Early birdClick a golden cookie less than 1 second after it spawns.
Timeless bakeryBake 1 quadrillion cookies in one ascension.
Let's never bake againBake 10 billion cookies per second.
EngineerOwn 1,000 buildings.
UpgraderPurchase 100 upgrades.
Ruler of the ancientsHave 200 grandmas.
Perfected agricultureHave 150 farms.
Ultimate automationHave 150 factories.
Can you dig itHave 150 mines.
Lone photonHave 1 prism.
HomegrownHave 200 farms.
Charms and enchantmentsHave 100 wizard towers.
A world filled with cookiesBake 1 trillion cookies per second.
Tabloid addictionClick on the news ticker 50 times.
Speed baking I
The DigitalHave 200 cursors.
Bibbidi-bobbidi-booCast 9 spells.
Galactic highwayHave 50 shipments.
Lucked outHave 1 chancemaker.
TransmogrificationHave 50 alchemy labs.
Now you're thinkingHave 50 portals.
Uncanny clickerClick really, really fast.
Cookie-dunkerDunk the cookie.
Elder napAppease the grandmatriarchs at least once.
NihilismAscend with 1 quadrillion cookies baked.
Coming to townReach Santa's 7th form.
ClickastropheMake 100 quadrillion cookies from clicking.
ClickataclysmMake 10 quintillion cookies from clicking.
Sugar rushHarvest 30 coalescing sugar lumps.
Sugar sugarHarvest a bifurcated sugar lump.
Infinite bakeryBake 100 quadrillion cookies in one ascension.
Immortal bakeryBake 1 quintillion cookies in one ascension.
Far far awayHave 100 shipments.
Gold memberHave 100 alchemy labs.
Alternate timelineHave 50 time machines.
ItchscratcherBurst 1 wrinkler.
Oh deerPop 1 reindeer.
The old never bothered me anywayHave 250 grandmas.
Self-containedHave 1 fractal engine.
Need for greedHave 150 banks.
When this baby hits 36 quadrillion cookies per hourBake 10 trillion cookies per second.
Fast and deliciousBake 100 trillion cookies per second.
101st birthdayHave 450 grandmas.
Defense of the ancientsHave 500 grandmas.
Harvest moonHave 400 farms.
Holy cookies, grandma!Have 400 temples.
The PrestigeHave 400 wizard towers.
In-cog-neatoHave 450 factories.
Quirky quarksHave 50 antimatter condensers.
CentennialHave at least 100 of everything.
WrinklesquisherBurst 50 wrinklers.
All the other kids with the pumped up clicksMake 100 sextillion cookies from clicking.
Type II civilizationHave 150 shipments.
Gild warsHave 150 alchemy labs.
Brain-splitHave 150 portals.
Time dukeHave 150 time machines.
Dazzling glimmerHave 50 prisms.
Blinding flashHave 100 prisms.
Lord of ConstructsOwn 2,500 buildings.
Lord of ProgressPurchase 200 upgrades.
BicentennialHave at least 200 of everything.
Centennial and a halfHave at least 150 of everything.
Click delegatorMake 10 quintillion cookies just from cursors.
I hate manureMake 100 trillion cookies just from farms.
Extreme polydactylyHave 300 cursors.
Dr. THave 400 cursors.
The center of the EarthHave 200 mines.
Bears repeatingHave 150 fractal engines.
More of the sameHave 200 fractal engines.
Forever and everHave 200 time machines.
Rise and shineHave 200 prisms.
Eating its ownMake 10 decillion cookies just from fractal engines.
F12Have 1 javascript console.
FanaticismHave 200 temples.
Curses and maledictionsHave 150 wizard towers.
Ever more hideousMake 100 octillion cookies just from portals.
Be kind, rewindMake 1 nonillion cookies just from time machines.
InfinitesimalMake 10 nonillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.
JelliclesOwn 10 kitten upgrades.
Gardener extraordinaireHave 250 farms.
Clickety splitMake 1 octillion cookies from clicking.
Acquire currencyHave 250 banks.
A place lost in timeHave 250 portals.
Heat deathHave 250 time machines.
Bright futureHave 250 prisms.
The land of milk and cookiesBake 1 octillion cookies in one ascension.
He who controls the cookies controls the universeBake 100 octillion cookies in one ascension.
Are you gonna eat all that?Bake 100 nonillion cookies in one ascension.
Brought to you by the letter ?Bake 1 undecillion cookies in one ascension.
Cookiehertz : a really, really tasty hertzBake 1 quadrillion cookies per second.
Faster mennerBake 10 quintillion cookies per second.
FastBake 1 septillion cookies per second.
Modern timesHave 300 factories.
And now for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audienceHave 300 wizard towers.
Gold, Jerry! Gold!Have 300 alchemy labs.
Forbidden zoneHave 300 portals.
cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot comHave 300 time machines.
Grand designOwn 5,000 buildings.
The full picturePurchase 300 upgrades.
Hand-pickedSuccessfully harvest a coalescing sugar lump before it's ripe.
I don't know if you've noticed but all these icons are very slightly off-centerBake 1 octillion cookies per second.
If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoingBake 1 nonillion cookies per second.
And I need it nowHave 350 banks.
Just plain lucky
All that glitters is goldHave 350 alchemy labs.
SedimentalismMake 100 octillion cookies just from mines.
Labor of loveMake 1 nonillion cookies just from factories.
Grandma needs a new pair of shoesHave 100 chancemakers.
Million to one shot, docHave 150 chancemakers.
Dimensional shiftHave 100 portals.
Fingers crossedMake 100 septillion cookies just from chancemakers.
Rewriting historyHave 100 time machines.
MathematicianHave at least 1 of the most expensive object, 2 of the second-most expensive, 4 of the next and so on (capped at 128).
Aged wellHave 400 grandmas.
Mine?Have 400 mines.
In full gearHave 400 factories.
Treacle tart economicsHave 400 banks.
Elder calmDeclare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs.
LeprechaunClick 777 golden cookies.
Make like a treeHave 450 farms.
Cave storyHave 450 mines.
It does matter!Have 100 antimatter condensers.
Running with scissorsBake 10 nonillion cookies per second.
Rarefied airBake 100 nonillion cookies per second. 10 septillion cookies from clicking.
You get nothingAscend with 1 undecillion cookies baked.
Molecular maestroHave 150 antimatter condensers.
Unending glowHave 150 prisms.
Gushing granniesMake 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas.
But wait 'til you get olderHave 550 grandmas.
Sharpest tool in the shedHave 500 farms.
Never dig downMake 1 quadrillion cookies just from mines.
Hey now, you're a rockHave 500 mines.
The incredible machineMake 10 quadrillion cookies just from factories.
Break the moldHave 500 factories.
And beyondMake 100 quintillion cookies just from shipments.
Magnum OpusMake 1 sextillion cookies just from alchemy labs.
With strange eonsMake 10 sextillion cookies just from portals.
Spacetime jigamarooMake 100 sextillion cookies just from time machines.
SupermassiveMake 1 septillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.
Praise the sunMake 10 septillion cookies just from prisms.
Threw you for a loopHave 50 fractal engines.
TechnocracyHave 200 factories.
The sum of its partsHave 100 fractal engines.
We come in peaceHave 200 shipments.
The secrets of the universeHave 200 alchemy labs.
Last recurseHave 250 fractal engines.
Realm of the Mad GodHave 200 portals.
Walk the planckHave 200 antimatter condensers.
DematerializeAscend with 1 quintillion cookies baked.
Nil zero zilchAscend with 1 sextillion cookies baked.
The needs of the manyMake 1 octillion cookies just from fractal engines.
TranscendenceAscend with 1 septillion cookies baked.
ObliterateAscend with 1 octillion cookies baked.
Negative voidAscend with 1 nonillion cookies baked.
VeteranOwn at least 14 grandma types.
Variable successHave 50 javascript consoles.
No commentsHave 100 javascript consoles.
Up to codeHave 150 javascript consoles.
It's the economy, stupidHave 200 banks.
Works on my machineHave 200 javascript consoles.
Technical debtHave 250 javascript consoles.
Organized religionHave 150 temples.
Inherited prototypeMake 10 octillion cookies just from javascript consoles.
A model of document objectMake 100 decillion cookies just from javascript consoles.
Magic kingdomHave 200 wizard towers.
Vested interestMake 100 quadrillion cookies just from banks.
New world orderMake 1 quintillion cookies just from temples.
Hocus pocusMake 10 quintillion cookies just from wizard towers.
Finger clickin' goodMake 100 septillion cookies just from cursors.
Panic at the bingoMake 100 septillion cookies just from grandmas.
Rake in the doughMake 1 sextillion cookies just from farms.
Quarry onMake 10 sextillion cookies just from mines.
Yes I love technologyMake 100 sextillion cookies just from factories.
Paid in fullMake 1 septillion cookies just from banks.
Church of CookiologyMake 10 septillion cookies just from temples.
Too many rabbits, not enough hatsMake 100 septillion cookies just from wizard towers.
The most precious cargoMake 1 octillion cookies just from shipments.
The AureateMake 10 octillion cookies just from alchemy labs.
A still more glorious dawnMake 100 nonillion cookies just from prisms.
The agemasterHave 300 grandmas.
To oldly goHave 350 grandmas.
Tectonic ambassadorHave 250 mines.
Rise of the machinesHave 250 factories.
ZealotryHave 250 temples.
The wizarding worldHave 250 wizard towers.
Parsec-masherHave 250 shipments.
The work of a lifetimeHave 250 alchemy labs.
MicrocosmHave 250 antimatter condensers.
Here be dragonComplete your dragon's training.
How?Bake 100 septillion cookies in one ascension.
Tonight on HoardersBake 1 nonillion cookies in one ascension.
We're gonna need a bigger bakeryBake 1 decillion cookies in one ascension.
In the mouth of madnessBake 100 decillion cookies in one ascension.
Woops, you solved world hungerBake 10 quadrillion cookies per second.
TurbopunsBake 1 quintillion cookies per second.
And yet you're still hungryBake 100 quintillion cookies per second.
The AbakeningBake 1 sextillion cookies per second.
There's really no hard limit to how long these achievement names can be and to be quite honest I'm rather curious to see how far we can go. Adolphus W. Green (1844?1917) started as the Principal of the Groton School in 1864. By 1865, he became second assiBake 10 sextillion cookies per second.
Bicentennial and a halfHave at least 250 of everything.
Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpalsHave 500 cursors.
They'll never know what hit 'emHave 1 idleverse.
PolymathOwn 300 upgrades and 4,000 buildings.
Well-versedHave 50 idleverses.
The elder scrollsOwn a combined 777 grandmas and cursors.
Ripe for the pickingHave 100 idleverses.
To crumbs, you say?Ascend with 1 decillion cookies baked.
UnrealHave 150 idleverses.
Seedy businessHave 300 farms.
Once you've seen oneHave 200 idleverses.
Freak frackingHave 300 mines.
The nerve of warHave 300 banks.
WololoHave 300 temples.
It's not deliveryHave 300 shipments.
FringeMake 100 octillion cookies just from idleverses.
Scientists baffled everywhereHave 300 antimatter condensers.
Harmony of the spheresHave 300 prisms.
Knead for speedBake 10 septillion cookies per second.
Well the cookies start coming and they don't stop comingBake 100 septillion cookies per second.
The proof of the cookie is in the bakingBake 10 octillion cookies per second.
The dreams in which I'm baking are the best I've ever hadBake 100 undecillion cookies in one ascension.
You and the beanstalkHave 350 farms.
Romancing the stoneHave 350 mines.
Don't stop me nowBake 100 quintillion cookies in one ascension.
Ex machinaHave 350 factories.
You can stop nowBake 1 sextillion cookies in one ascension.
Cookies all the way downBake 100 sextillion cookies in one ascension.
Pray on the weakHave 350 temples.
OverdoseBake 1 septillion cookies in one ascension.
It's a kind of magicHave 350 wizard towers.
Make it soHave 350 shipments.
He comesHave 350 portals.
At the end of the tunnelHave 350 prisms.
Click (starring Adam Sandler)Make 1 decillion cookies just from cursors.
OvergrowthMake 10 octillion cookies just from farms.
Manafest destinyMake 1 decillion cookies just from wizard towers.
What are the oddsHave 50 chancemakers.
As luck would have itHave 200 chancemakers.
Ever in your favorHave 250 chancemakers.
Be a ladyHave 300 chancemakers.
Just a statisticMake 1 decillion cookies just from chancemakers.
One with everythingHave at least 1 of every building.
The ultimate clickdownMake 1 sextillion cookies from clicking.
Base 10Have at least 10 of the most expensive object, 20 of the second-most expensive, 30 of the next and so on.
That's just peanuts to spaceHave 400 shipments.
Worth its weight in leadHave 400 alchemy labs.
What happens in the vortex stays in the vortexHave 400 portals.
Save your breath because that's all you've got leftHave 450 banks.
Vengeful and almightyHave 450 temples.
Spell it out for youHave 450 wizard towers.
Space space space space spaceHave 450 shipments.
Push it to the limitBake 1 decillion cookies per second.
Green cookies sleep furiouslyBake 10 decillion cookies per second.
Humble rebeginningsAscend with 1 duodecillion cookies baked.
With her finger and her thumbHave 600 cursors.
Out of one, manyHave 300 fractal engines.
ResurrectionAscend 10 times.
Olden daysFind the forgotten madeleine.
Spoils and plunderHave 250 idleverses.
CoherenceMake 1 undecillion cookies just from idleverses.
When there's nothing left to addPurchase 400 upgrades.
Set for lifeBake 1 duodecillion cookies in one ascension.
Way back thenHave 350 time machines.
Exotic matterHave 350 antimatter condensers.
FrantiquitiesMake 1 decillion cookies just from grandmas.
Reverse funnel systemMake 10 nonillion cookies just from banks.
Thus spoke youMake 100 nonillion cookies just from temples.
Dicey businessHave 350 chancemakers.
DownsizingHave 400 antimatter condensers.
Don't get used to yourself, you're gonna have to changeHave 450 alchemy labs.
A matter of perspectiveHave 450 antimatter condensers.
All hail SantaReach Santa's final form.
Get the show on, get paidHave 500 banks.
My world's on fire, how about yoursHave 500 temples.
For more information on this achievement, please refer to its titleHave 400 fractal engines.
Mind your languageHave 300 javascript consoles.
InconsolableHave 350 javascript consoles.
First-class citizenMake 1 tredecillion cookies just from javascript consoles.
Okay boomerHave 600 grandmas.
OverripeHave 550 farms.
Rock onHave 550 mines.
Self-manmade manHave 550 factories.
Checks outHave 550 banks.
EcumenopolisOwn 7,500 buildings.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of nightMake 10 decillion cookies just from shipments.
Which eternal lieMake 1 undecillion cookies just from portals.
Invited to yesterday's partyHave 400 time machines.
My eyesHave 400 prisms.
Maybe a chance in hell, actuallyHave 400 chancemakers.
Objects in the mirror dimension are closer than they appearHave 450 portals.
Groundhog dayHave 450 time machines.
Optical illusionHave 450 prisms.
Panic! at NabiscoBake 100 duodecillion cookies in one ascension.
Bursting at the seamsBake 1 tredecillion cookies in one ascension.
Just about fullBake 100 tredecillion cookies in one ascension.
Hungry for moreBake 1 quattuordecillion cookies in one ascension.
The end of the worldAscend with 1 tredecillion cookies baked.
Leisurely paceBake 1 undecillion cookies per second.
HypersonicBake 10 undecillion cookies per second.
Lovely cookiesUnlock every Valentine-themed cookie.
The meteor men beg to differHave 500 wizard towers.
Only shooting starsHave 500 shipments.
We could all use a little changeHave 500 alchemy labs.
An example of recursionHave 350 fractal engines.
We must go deeperMake 100 duodecillion cookies just from fractal engines.
Gotta go fastBake 100 undecillion cookies per second.
Renaissance bakerOwn 400 upgrades and 8,000 buildings.
Here you goClick this achievement's slot.
Living on a prayerHave 550 temples.
Higitus figitus migitus mumHave 550 wizard towers.
In the greenHave 600 farms.
Mountain out of a molehill, but like in a good wayHave 600 mines.
The wheels of progressHave 600 factories.
Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhereHave 300 idleverses.
Earth-616Make 10 tredecillion cookies just from idleverses.
TricentennialHave at least 300 of everything.
I've got the Midas touchMake 100 decillion cookies just from alchemy labs.
Déjà vuMake 10 undecillion cookies just from time machines.
Powers of TenMake 100 undecillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.
Now the dark days are goneMake 1 duodecillion cookies just from prisms.
Murphy's wild guessMake 10 duodecillion cookies just from chancemakers.
Let it snowUnlock every Christmas-themed cookie.
Tiny cookieClick the tiny cookie.
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumbHave 500 portals.
The years start comingHave 500 time machines.
The hunt is onUnlock 1 egg.
ClosureHave 400 javascript consoles.
Bake him away, toysBake 1 duodecillion cookies per second.
That's richHave 600 banks.
Hyperspace expresswayHave 350 idleverses.
I'm the wizCast 99 spells.
JackpotHave 450 chancemakers.
Sleigh of handPop 50 reindeer.
Oh, you're backAscend with 1 quattuordecillion cookies baked.
Feed me, OrteilBake 100 quattuordecillion cookies in one ascension.
Tricentennial and a halfHave at least 350 of everything.
What a conceptHave 500 antimatter condensers.
You'll never shine if you don't glowHave 500 prisms.
Egging onUnlock 7 eggs.
You're #1 so why try harderBake 10 duodecillion cookies per second.
Gotta hand it to youHave 700 cursors.
Preaches and creamHave 600 temples.
Magic thinkingHave 600 wizard towers.
Is there life on Mars?Have 600 shipments.
God complex
LazarusAscend with 1 quindecillion cookies baked.
And then what?Bake 1 quindecillion cookies in one ascension.
QuadricentennialHave at least 400 of everything.
I'm so meta, even this achievementHave 450 fractal engines.
Mass EasteriaUnlock 14 eggs.
The incredible journeyHave 550 shipments.
Just a phaseHave 550 alchemy labs.
Don't let me leave, MurphHave 550 portals.
VersatileHave 400 idleverses.
SweetmeatsHarvest a meaty sugar lump.
Elder slumberAppease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times.
MoistbursterBurst 200 wrinklers.
You'll never know if you don't goHave 500 chancemakers.
Haven't even begun to peakBake 1 tredecillion cookies per second.
Initial public offeringMake your first stock market profit.
What did we even eat before theseBake 10 tredecillion cookies per second.
Caveman to cosmosHave 550 time machines.
Bad chemistryHave 600 alchemy labs.
Dude what if we're all living in a simulation like what if we're all just code on a computer somewhereHave 450 javascript consoles.
Heavy flowBake 100 tredecillion cookies per second.
Reduced to gibbering heapsHave 600 portals.
KaizenPurchase 500 upgrades.
Spooky cookiesUnlock every Halloween-themed cookie.
Never get boredHave 500 fractal engines.
I think it's safe to say you've got it madeBake 100 quindecillion cookies in one ascension.
More you say?Bake 1 quattuordecillion cookies per second.
It's big brain timeHave 1 cortex baker.
Just my imaginationHave 50 cortex bakers.
Now there's an ideaHave 100 cortex bakers.
The organ that named itselfHave 150 cortex bakers.
GyrificationHave 200 cortex bakers.
A trademarked portmanteau of 'imagination' and 'engineering'Have 250 cortex bakers.
MindfulnessHave 300 cortex bakers.
Positive thinkingMake 1 nonillion cookies just from cortex bakers.
The thought that countsMake 10 undecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.
They moistly come at nightHave 650 grandmas.
It's grown on youHave 650 farms.
Don't let the walls cave in on youHave 650 mines.
Replaced by robotsHave 650 factories.
Ain't that a click in the headMake 100 octillion cookies from clicking.
MyriadOwn 10,000 buildings.
Freaky jazz handsReach level 10 cursors.
Thick-skinnedHave your reinforced membrane protect the shimmering veil.
Particular tastesHave 550 antimatter condensers.
A light snackHave 550 prisms.
The devil's workshopHave 800 cursors.
The 10% mythHave 350 cortex bakers.
UnthinkableMake 100 tredecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.
Year's worth of cavitiesHarvest 365 coalescing sugar lumps.
Financial prodigyHave 650 banks.
Speed baking II
So much to do so much to see
Don't think about it too hardHave 400 cortex bakers.
Maillard reactionHarvest a caramelized sugar lump.
A sometimes foodBake 1 sexdecillion cookies in one ascension.
Back already?Have 600 time machines.
You are inevitableHave 450 idleverses.
And I will pray to a big godHave 650 temples.
Taking the back streetsHave 500 javascript consoles.
Keep going until I say stopBake 10 quattuordecillion cookies per second.
Shosple ColupisHave 650 wizard towers.
Quadricentennial and a halfHave at least 450 of everything.
Tempting fateHave 550 chancemakers.
Huge tracts of landReach level 10 farms.
Botany enthusiastHarvest 100 mature garden plants.
Hide & seek championUnlock all the eggs.
Smurf accountAscend with 1 sexdecillion cookies baked.
Strange topologiesReach level 10 idleverses.
AlexandriaReach level 10 javascript consoles.
Not enough of a good thingBake 100 sexdecillion cookies in one ascension.
TautologicalHave 550 fractal engines.
Nuclear throneHave 600 antimatter condensers.
False vacuumHave 650 shipments.
All the stars in heavenOwn 100 heavenly upgrades.
Sierpinski rhomboidsReach level 10 fractal engines.
GiftedReach level 10 cortex bakers.
MethuselahReach level 10 grandmas.
It belongs in a bakeryReach level 10 temples.
MotormouthReach level 10 wizard towers.
Reindeer sleigherPop 200 reindeer.
Making light of the situationHave 600 prisms.
Though fools seldom differHave 450 cortex bakers.
EldeerPop a reindeer during an elder frenzy.
But I didn't say stop, did I?Bake 1 quindecillion cookies per second.
Metallic tasteHave 650 alchemy labs.
Horn of plentyBake 1 septendecillion cookies in one ascension.
If at first you don't succeedAscend with 1 septendecillion cookies baked.
O FortunaOwn every fortune upgrade.
Curly bracesHave 550 javascript consoles.
Flip a cookie. Chips, I win. Crust, you lose.Have 600 chancemakers.
Away from this placeHave 500 idleverses.
QuincentennialHave at least 500 of everything.
Large and in chargeBake 100 septendecillion cookies in one ascension.
Absolutely stuffedBake 1 octodecillion cookies in one ascension.
In and of itselfHave 600 fractal engines.
Duck typingHave 600 javascript consoles.
Everywhere at onceHave 550 idleverses.
With unrivaled fervorBake 10 quindecillion cookies per second.
Swiss cheeseHave 650 portals.
Last Chance to See
Beyond qualityPurchase 600 upgrades.
D-d-d-d-deeperReach level 10 mines.
A capital ideaReach level 10 banks.
PalettableReach level 10 prisms.
Let's leaf it at thatReach level 10 chancemakers.
In the garden of Eden (baby)Fill every tile of the biggest garden plot with plants.
True Neverclick
But the future refused to changeHave 650 time machines.
What's the dark matter with youHave 650 antimatter condensers.
EnlightenmentHave 650 prisms.
I am speedBake 100 quindecillion cookies per second.
NeverclickMake 1 million cookies by only having clicked 15 times.
Black cat's pawClick 7,777 golden cookies.
GrandmapocalypseTrigger the grandmapocalypse for the first time.
My own cloneHave 1 You.
MultiplicityHave 50 You.
Born for this jobHave 100 You.
Episode IIHave 150 You.
Copy thatHave 200 You.
Life finds a wayHave 250 You.
OvercrowdingHave 300 You.
Strength in numbersHave 350 You.
Full warehousesOwn at least 1,000 of a stock market good.
Army of meHave 400 You.
Make my dayMake a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market sale.
Buy buy buySpend a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market purchase.
Self-madeMake 10 nonillion cookies just from You.
Reproducible resultsMake 100 undecillion cookies just from You.
That's all youMake 1 quattuordecillion cookies just from You.
And now you're even olderHave 700 grandmas.
It's only wafer-thinBake 100 octodecillion cookies in one ascension.
Au naturelHave 700 farms.
Dirt-richHave 700 mines.
Bots build botsHave 700 factories.
Getting that bagHave 700 banks.
Cookie ClickerUnlock the final building.
What's not clickingMake 10 nonillion cookies from clicking.
Looking kind of dumbHave 500 cortex bakers.
Speed baking III
And on and onBake 1 sexdecillion cookies per second.
The long nowReach level 10 time machines.
Green, aching thumbHarvest 1,000 mature garden plants.
Wrath cookieClick a wrath cookie.
Rookie numbersOwn at least 100 of every stock market good.
The leader is good, the leader is greatHave 700 temples.
You don't think they could've used... it couldn't have been ma-Have 700 wizard towers.
Never tell me the oddsHave 650 chancemakers.
Blowing an Apollonian gasketHave 650 fractal engines.
Four-leaf cookie
Everything happens so muchBake 10 sexdecillion cookies per second.
Patently geniusReach level 10 factories.
Bizarro worldReach level 10 portals.
Chubby hadronsReach level 10 antimatter condensers.
No nobility in povertyOwn at least 500 of every stock market good.
Pyramid schemeUnlock the highest-tier stock market headquarters.
Reject reality, substitute your ownHave 600 idleverses.
A beautiful mindHave 550 cortex bakers.
Think bigBake 1 novemdecillion cookies in one ascension.
All-natural cane sugar
When the cookies ascend just right
Baby it's old outsideClick one of Santa's helper grandmas during Christmas season.
Been there done thatReach level 10 shipments.
Phlogisticated substancesReach level 10 alchemy labs.
A wizard is youCast 999 spells.
HardcoreGet to 1 billion cookies baked with no upgrades purchased.
Keeper of the conservatoryUnlock every garden seed.
Quincentennial and a halfHave at least 550 of everything.
ReincarnationAscend 100 times.
Signed, sealed, deliveredHave 700 shipments.
Sugar, spice, and everything niceHave 700 alchemy labs.
Stifling the pressSquish the news ticker flat, then click on it.
Hypersize meBake 100 novemdecillion cookies in one ascension.
Max capacityBake 1 vigintillion cookies in one ascension.
Seedless to nayConvert a complete seed log into sugar lumps by sacrificing your garden to the sugar hornets.
No more room in hellAscend with 1 octodecillion cookies baked.
Know thyselfHave 450 You.
Didn't make sense not to liveHave 500 You.
Not even remotely close to Kansas anymoreHave 700 portals.
All on deckHave 900 cursors.
SexcentennialHave at least 600 of everything.
Liquid assetsHave your stock market profits surpass $10 million.
Endless cycle
Gaseous assets
I only meant to stay a whileHave 700 time machines.
Not 20 years away foreverHave 700 antimatter condensers.
Seven horseshoes
I'll rest when I'm deadBake 1 septendecillion cookies per second.
Bright side of the MoonHave 700 prisms.
Cardinal synapsesHave 600 cortex bakers.
Get with the programHave 650 javascript consoles.
Lost your cosmic marblesHave 650 idleverses.
By will alone I set my mind in motionHave 650 cortex bakers.
Sexcentennial and a halfHave at least 650 of everything.
Fake it till you bake itBake 100 vigintillion cookies in one ascension.
History in the bakingBake 1 unvigintillion cookies in one ascension.
What do you get for the baker who has everythingBake 100 unvigintillion cookies in one ascension.
Bottomless pitBake 1 duovigintillion cookies in one ascension.
No time like the presentRedeem a cookie gift code from a friend (or from yourself, we don't judge).
In her likenessShape your clones to resemble grandmas.
Wrinkler pokerPoke a wrinkler 50 times without killing it.
Self-improvementReach level 10 You.
Debt evasionTake out a loan and ascend before incurring the CpS penalty.
Riding the Mersenne twisterHave 700 chancemakers.
Can we get much higherBake 10 septendecillion cookies per second.
Speed's the name of the game (no it's not it's called Cookie Clicker)Bake 100 septendecillion cookies per second.
Rainy day fundBake 100 duovigintillion cookies in one ascension.
And a little extraBake 1 trevigintillion cookies in one ascension.
SeptcentennialHave at least 700 of everything.
Genetic bottleneckHave 550 You.
Despite everything, it's still youHave 600 You.
Everyone everywhere all at onceHave 650 You.
Divide and conquerHave 700 fractal engines.
PebcakesHave 700 javascript consoles.
Greener on the other sidesHave 700 idleverses.
Where is my mindHave 700 cortex bakers.
IntrospectionHave 700 You.
Oft we mar what's wellPurchase 700 upgrades.
A round of applauseHave 1,000 cursors.


Hay 103 logros (achievements) en el juego, cada uno de ellos contribuye en un 4% a tu nivel de leche, lo que hace que el máximo nivel de leche que puedas tener sea un 412%. Estos son los logros y cómo conseguirlos:

Logros de cocinar un número de galletas total

0: Wake and bake: Cocina una galleta.
1: Making some dough: Cocina 100 galletas.
2: So baked right now: Cocina 1.000 galletas.
3: Fledgling bakery: Cocina 10.000 galletas.
4: Affluent bakery: Cocina 100.000 galletas.
5: World-famous bakery: Cocina 1.000.000 galletas.
6: Cosmic bakery: Cocina 10.000.000 galletas.
7: Galactic bakery: Cocina 100.000.000 galletas.
8: Universal bakery: Cocina galletas.
9: Timeless bakery: Cocina galletas.
10: Infinite bakery: Cocina galletas.
11. Inmortal bakery: Cocina galletas.
12. You can stop now: Cocina galletas.
13. Cookies all the way down: Cocina galletas.
14. Overdose: Cocina galletas.
15. How? Cocina galletas.

Logros de alcanzar una capacidad de producción de galletas

16. Casual baking: Cocina 1 galleta por segundo.
17. Hardcore baking: Cocina 10 galletas por segundo.
18. Steady tasty stream: Cocina 100 galletas por segundo.
19. Cookie monster: Cocina 1.000 galletas por segundo.
20. Mass producer: Cocina 10.000 galletas por segundo.
21. Cookie vortex: Cocina 1.000.000 galletas por segundo.
22. Cookie pulsar: Cocina 10.000.000 galletas por segundo.
23. Cookie quasar: Cocina 100.000.000 galletas por segundo.
24. A world filled with cookies: Cocina galletas por segundo.
25. Let's never bake again: Cocina galletas por segundo.

Logros de cocinar galletas a mano

26. Clicktastic: Cocina 1.000 galletas con clics tuyos.
27. Clickathlon: Cocina 100.000 galletas con clics tuyos.
28. Clickolympics: Cocina 10.000.000 galletas con clics tuyos.
29. Clickorama: Cocina galletas con clics tuyos.
30. Clickasmic: Cocina galletas con clics tuyos.

Logros de cursores

31. Click: Ten un cursor.
32. Double-click: Ten dos cursores.
33. Mouse wheel: Ten 50 cursores.
34. Of Mice and Men: Ten 100 cursores.
35. The Digital: Ten 200 cursores.

Logros de abuelas

36. Just wrong: Vende una abuela.
37. Grandma's cookies: Ten una abuela.
38. Sloppy kisses: Ten 50 abuelas.
39. Retirement home: Ten 100 abuelas.
40. Friend of the ancientes: Ten 150 abuelas.
41. Ruler of the ancientes: Ten 200 abuelas.
42. Elder: Ten 7 tipos de abuelas.

Logros de granjas

43. My first farm: Ten una granja.
44. Reap what you sow: Ten 50 granjas.
45. Famr ill: Ten 100 granjas.

Logros de fábricas

46. Production chain: Ten una fábrica.
47. Industrial revolution: Ten 50 fábricas.
48. Global warming: Ten 100 fábricas.

Logros de minas

49. You know the drill: Ten una mina.
50. Excavation site: Ten 50 minas.
51. Hollow the planet: Ten 100 minas.

Logros de cargamentos

52. Expedition: Ten un cargamento.
53. Galactic highway: Ten 50 cargamentos.
54. Far far away: Ten 100 cargamentos.

Logros de alquimia

55. Transmutation: Ten un laboratorio.
56. Transmogrification: Ten 50 laboratorios.
57. Gold member: Ten 100 laboratorios.

Logros de portales

58. A whole new world: Ten un portal.
59. Now you're thinking: Ten 50 portales.
60. Dimensional shift: Ten 100 portales.

Logros de máquinas del tiempo

61. Time warp: Ten una máquina.
62. Alternate timeline: Ten 50 máquinas.
63. Rewriting history: Ten 100 máquinas.

Logros de condensador de antimateria

64. Antibatter: Ten un condensador.
65. Quirky quarks: Ten 50 condensadores.
66. It does matter!: Ten 100 condensadores.

Logros de edificios

67. Builder: Ten 100 edificios.
68. Architect: Ten 400 edificios.
69. Engineer: Ten 800 edificios.
73. One with everything: Ten un edificio de cada tipo.
74. Mathematician: Ten al menos un condensador, 2 máquinas del tiempo, 4 portales, 8 laboratorios, 16 cargamentos, 32 minas, 64 fábricas, 128 granjas, 128 abuelas y 128 cursores.
75. Base 10: Ten al menos 10 condensadores, 20 máquinas del tiempo, 30 portales, 40 laboratorios, 50 cargamentos, 60 minas, 70 fábricas, 80 granjas, 90 abuelas y 100 cursores.
76. Centennial: Ten al menos 100 de cada edificio.

Logros de mejoras

70. Enhancer: Ten 20 mejoras.
71. Augmenter: Ten 50 mejoras.
72. Upgrader: Ten 100 mejoras.

Logros de galletas doradas

77. Golden cookie: Haz click en una galleta dorada.
78. Lucky cookie: Haz click en siete galletas doradas.
79. A stroke of luck: Haz click en 27 galletas doradas.
80. Fortune Click: Click en 77 galletas doradas.
81. Leprechaun: Click en 777 galletas doradas.

82. Cookie-dunker: Juega con la ventana hasta que la galleta se meta en la leeche.

Logros del grandmageddon

83. Elder nap: Calma a las abuelas una vez.
84. Elder slumber: Calmar a las abuelas cinco veces.
85. Elder calm: Llega a un pacto con las abuelas.
86. Itchscratcher: Mata 1 wrinkler.
87. Wrinklesquisher: Mata 50 wrinklers.
88. Moistburster: Mata 200 wrinklers.

89. Skullcookies: Consigue todas las galletas de Halloween.

Logros de Santa Claus

90. Coming to town: Llega a la séptima forma de Santa Claus.
91. All hail Santa: Llega a la forma final de Santa Claus.
92. Let it snow: Consigue todas las galletas de Navidad.
93. Oh deer: Rompe 1 reindeer.
94. Sleigh of hand: Rompe 50 reindeer.
95. Reindeer sleigher: Rompe 200 reindeer.

96. Sacrifice: Resetea tu juego con un millón de galletas.
97. Oblivion: Resetea tu juego con un billón de galletas.
98. From scratch: Resetea tu juego con 1 trillón de galletas.
99. Nihilism: Resetea tu juego con 1 cuatrillón de galletas.
100. Uncanny clicker: Clica muy rápido.
101. Neverclick: Consigue hacer un millón de galletas clicando solo 15 veces (las necesarias para poder comprar el primer cursor).
102. Wholesome: Activa el 100% de la potencia de heavenly chips.

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