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Logros de Steam de theHunter: Primal

This does not even fill my inventoryOpen 5 containers
Happens to the best of us
Out for a strollTravel 15 kilometers
Just gonna lay down for a whileTravel 400 kilometers
Need to rest...Travel 200 kilometers
Are we there yet?Travel 100 kilometers
SouvenirTake your first Trophy Shot
Junior Utahraptor hunterHarvest your first Utahraptor
TeamspiritPlay with 3 other players simultanously
Junior Velociraptor hunterHarvest your first Velociraptor
Junior Triceratops hunterHarvest your first Triceratops
SharpshooterHit with 100 shots
CollectorHave every weapon in your inventory at least once during 1 life
So many marvelous sightsTravel to 10 settlements
I have not seen this place beforeTravel to 5 settlements
Hat-trickHarvest 3 dinosaurs without changing server
I don?t think I can carry all of thisOpen 50 containers
SurvivalistSurvive for 2 hours
Pushing it to the limitFill up your inventory to the maximum capacity
Fast HunterHarvest a dinosaur within 2 minutes after you spawned
Intermediate Velociraptor hunterHarvest 10 Velociraptors
MaterialistOpen 200 containers
Quantity over qualityOpen 100 containers
Junior Quetzalcoatlus hunterHarvest your first Quetzalcoatlus
Efficient hunterHarvest 10 dinosaurs without changing server
Junior T-rex hunterHarvest your first Tyrannosaurus rex
Intermediate Utahraptor hunterHarvest 10 Utahraptors
Intermediate Triceratops hunterHarvest 10 Triceratops
First Primal T-RexHarvest a Primal Tyrannosaurus
I wasn't trying to hit anything
Professional Utahraptor hunterHarvest 25 Utahraptors
No rest neededHarvest 6 dinosaurs without changing server
Rare TyrannosaurusHarvest a battle-worn alpha female Tyrannosaurus
Second Primal T-RexHarvest a second Primal Tyrannosaurus
Heavyweight VelociraptorHarvest a Velociraptor with a score over 325
Intermediate Quetzalcoatlus hunterHarvest 10 Quetzalcoatlus
Rare TriceratopsHarvest a battle-worn alpha male Triceratops
Professional Quetzalcoatlus hunterHarvest 25 Quetzalcoatlus
Master Quetzalcoatlus hunterHarvest 50 Quetzalcoatlus
Uncommon TriceratopsHarvest an orange male Triceratops
Uncommon TyrannosaurusHarvest a dark male Tyrannosaurus
Uncommon UtahraptorHarvest a male Utahraptor with a red head
Uncommon VelociraptorHarvest a male Velociraptor with blue details
Rare QuetzalcoatlusHarvest a female Quetzalcoatlus with striped wings
Rare VelociraptorHarvest a blue-eyed female Velociraptor
Rare UtahraptorHarvest a battle-worn alpha female orange Utahraptor
Heavyweight QuetzalcoatlusHarvest a Quetzalcoatlus with a score over 975
Uncommon QuetzalcoatlusHarvest a battle-worn Quetzalcoatlus
CitizenshipHarvest a third Primal Tyrannosaurus and receive citizenship in the Expansive Galaxies Corporation
Second Primal T-RexHarvest a second Primal Tyrannosaurus
CitizenshipHarvest a third Primal Tyrannosaurus and receive citizenship in the Expansive Galaxies Corporation
Back from the brink of deathGet your health down to 5 and then heal yourself
Intermediate T-rex hunterHarvest 10 Tyrannosaurus rex
In dire need of insuranceUse 50 health cannisters
Professional Triceratops hunterHarvest 25 Triceratops
Master Triceratops hunterHarvest 50 Triceratops
Master Utahraptor hunterHarvest 50 Utahraptors
Professional T-rex hunterHarvest 25 Tyrannosaurus rex
Master T-rex hunterHarvest 50 Tyrannosaurus rex
The carnage never stopsHarvest 15 dinosaurs without changing server
SaviourKill a dinosaur that is hunting another player while that player is below 20% hp
ExplorerTravel to 25 settlements
Master Velociraptor hunterHarvest 50 Velociraptors
Heavyweight T-rexHarvest a Tyrannosaurus rex with a score over 2225
Heavyweight UtahraptorHarvest a Utahraptor with a score over 725
Heavyweight TriceratopsHarvest a Triceratops with a score over 1225
This island is not big enough for the both of usHarvest another player for the first time
Serial killerHarvest 10 other players
BloodbathHarvest 25 other players
UnderdogHarvest a player that is on the same level or higher than yourself
BullyHarvest a player that is on a lower level then yourself
Professional Velociraptor hunterHarvest 25 Velociraptors

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