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También conocido como BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma Extend.
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Abyss Mode: tienda de objetos

Completa los diez niveles en el modo Abyss con cualquier personaje para desbloquear el ítem correspondiente. Cada uno cuesta 15.000 y es específico del luchador.

Black Vortex (Kagura)
Bolverk Unleashed (Noel)
Curse of the Damned (Arakune)
Dark Ouroboros (Hazama)
Dragon Club (Litchi)
ESF: Perserverance (Hakumen)
Full Install (Tsubaki)
Gravitational Force (Nu-13)
Hot Pants (Bullet)
Howl of the Lone Wolf (Valkenhayn)
IDEA Engine Full Blast (Lambda)
Ignis Unchained (Relius)
Innocent Healing (Celica)
Mad Gadget (Kokonoe)
Maximum Impact (Makoto)
Nails of Ikaruga (Bang)
Nirvana Unleashed (Carl)
Phalanx Cannon EX (Azrael)
Power Drill (Amane)
Power of Science (Iron Tager)
Red Blood Sucker (Ragna)
Relentless Blizzard (Jin)
Serpent's Fang (Terumi)
Shadow Step (Taokaka)
Stein's Gunner EX (Mu-12)
Symphony Encore (Platinum)
Tenacity of the Izayoi (Izayoi)
Thundering Wrath (Rachel)

Abyss mode: Level Infinity

Completa todos los niveles del modo Abyss para desbloquear Level Infinity, con infinitas versiones de oponentes y un máximo de profundidad de 100.000.

Galería de imágenes

Electrical Damage CG: Completa el nivel 1 en el modo Abyss.
Izayoi CG: Completa el nivel 7 en el modo Abyss.
Jin & Ragna CG: Completa el nivel 10 en el modo Abyss.
Kagura Girls CG: Completa el nivel 2 en el modo Abyss.
Kagura Setting CG: Completa el nivel 3 en el modo Abyss.
Kokonoe Gadget Plan #1 CG: Completa el nivel 5 en el modo Abyss.
Kokonoe Gadget Plan #2 CG: Completa el nivel 6 en el modo Abyss.
Noel & Mu CG: Completa el nivel 9 en el modo Abyss.
Nu-13 CG: Completa el nivel 8 en el modo Abyss.
Terumi Setting CG: Completa el nivel 4 en el modo Abyss.

Desbloqueos modo arcade

Completa el modo arcade para desbloquear lo siguiente para cada personaje:

- El final de ese luchador.
- Arte para la galería
- Títulos de crédito.
- Voces de personaje (no todos tienen voces disponibles). Jubei e Imperator tienen voces por 20.000.
- Voces de localización.

Logros de Steam de BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

Just a Taste[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode.
Good Grief
Impersonal Trainer[Training] Dealt a total of 100,000 Damage.
If You Only Nu
Stein Alive
Tooth and Claw
Alternate Takes
Lesson Is More[Tutorial] Finished the stylish and beginner lessons in Tutorial Mode.
Unlimited Blazblue Works[Gallery] Unlocked all of the Unlimited characters.
Patron Of The Arts[Gallery] Spent P$ 100,000 in Gallery Mode.
Your Guest Is As Good As Mine[Gallery] Unlocked the "Guest Illustrator" category.
Make This House A Home[Network] Made some changes to your room.
Howdy Stranger[Network] A player joined your room.
Air Apparent
Hazama Unchained
Knight Rider
Game of Throwns
I Get A Kick Out Of You
Good Idea
Good Neighbor[Network] Used a default text string in the Player Match room.
Bread and Butter[Challenge] Completed 50% of all challenges.
Look Forward To It[Story] Completed the main story.
Ample EX[Story] Completed the EXTEND story.
Heart To Heart[Story] Completed the Remix Heart story.
Six Education[Abyss] Completed up to Stage 6.
Wunderbar![Score Attack] Completed 1 course.
And The Winner For Best Picture...[Replay Theater] Watched a replay.
Nanomachines, Son
Original Flavor
Please Sir, Can I Have Some More
Black Bug Shooter
Bang Theory
The Finale
Order Up
I Am The Law
Marital Bliss
Curtain Call
Gale-Force Wins
Fully ExtendedMastered BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend.
Frame Advantage[Challenge] Completed 100% of one character's challenges.
Gag Order
Martial Law[Unlimited Mars] Fought in 10 matches.
Easy There Big Fellow
These Go To Eleven[Network] Leveled up to level 11.
Itemized[Network] Collected a set quantity of items in the Player Match room.
Freezing Reign
The Tao of Tao
Tag, Er It

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