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Wuppo para Xbox One (Valoración de usuarios: , votos)

Trucos de Wuppo para Xbox One

1 trucos

Logros de Xbox Live de Wuppo

Maximum FirepowerUpgrade all weapons in the game to their full potential80
FighterFind and defeat all bosses80
HistorianFind and watch all filmstrips80
EnlightenmentAchieve maximum happiness80
Impressive!Beat the game on hard mode or higher80
King Of All WumsBeat the game on insane mode80
Boss Run: Good Job!Complete your first Boss Run80
Boss Run: World ChampionBeat All Boss Run mode under 25 minutes80
Boss Run: ImpossibleComplete the Boss Run without items from Tein or Raab's stores80
Boss Run: CollectorBuy Tein Taatseb's helmet during All Boss mode40
Finally!Obtain a Popo Chipcard30
A New HomeComplete the game30
Boss Run: EntrepeneurHelp Raab start his blarb smoothie business30
Mud WrestlerCompletely cover yourself in dirt15
A Friendly FutureMake an unlikely friend15
Gumgumgun EnthusiastBuy all gumgumgun upgrades at Betty's gumgum shop15
The ArtistPersonalize your gumgumgun's colours15
What are you doing!?Hijack and vandalize a Popo City tram15
Professional ExterminatorExterminate 800 kneft15
That's my TV!Does Drekel have a shower?15
Boss Run: Obey StoplightDefeat Stoplight in All Boss Mode without getting hit15
Boss Run: Cleaning DutyDefeat the Dustboss by using the Breft2000 suit during All Boss mode15
Boss Run: NoobieUse the practice mode to fight the fish15

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