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Trucos de Oxenfree para Xbox One

1 trucos

Logros de Xbox Live de Oxenfree

"This House is Clear"Completed the story.200
Ghost StoriesFound all of the hidden anomalies.200
The Strong, Silent TypePlayed the whole game without saying anything.100
Adler Letters, Pt. 3Collected all of Maggie's letters.100
Thicker than WaterBrought Michael back from the dead.60
Adler Letters, Pt. 1Collected 4 of Maggie's letters.50
Adler Letters, Pt. 2Collected 8 of Maggie's letters.50
I'm the FirestarterMade enemies with all of your friends.50
Renjamin SpanklinSlapped Ren in the face.50
MatchmakerGot Ren and Nona to date.40
You'd Just End Up Hating Each Other.Kept Ren and Nona from dating.40
New BeginningsJonas is your new step-brother.40
It's A MeJumped the crazy chasm in the woods.20

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