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También conocido como Arslan Senki, Senki Arslan, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Arslan Senki x Musou.
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Modo historia

Guía del modo historia, donde podrás desbloquear nuevos personajes.

Logros de Xbox Live de Arslan: the Warriors of Legend

Liberator ShahAcquired all other Achievements.90
Court ChefCollected all Recipe Books.75
Martial Arts MasterAchieved maximum Mastery for all weapons.75
Card FanaticAcquired all Limited Skill Cards.75
Mardān fu MardānAcquired an S Rank for every Objective in all scenarios other than the Tutorials.75
Array of HeroesUnlocked all playable characters.35
Veteran MardānCleared all scenarios.35
Sher SenaniDefeated Bahadur in the Duel Before the Gods.35
The Zenith StarCleared Story Mode.35
All Forces, YashasuiinActivated a Mardān Rush with all characters.35
Rush to VictoryAchieved 50000 CHAIN hits during a Mardān Rush.35
All In A RushAchieved a total of 10000 KOs using Mardān Rush.35
Veteran of the RushActivated Mardān Rush a total of 200 times.35
Combination MasterAchieved 500 CHAIN hits.35
Master of Two WeaponsActivated 500 Chain Strikes.35
First SaleSold a Skill Card for the first time.10
Beginning Card CollectorObtained a Limited Skill Card for the first time.10
Brother-at-HeartCleared a scenario in Online Mode or cooperative play.10
Dawn of WarCleared a scenario for the first time.10
The DefeatedCleared the Battle of Atropatene.10
The True ShahDefeated Kharlan.10
The Eastern FortressRegrouped with your companions in Peshawar.10
ShirghirCleared an Extra Scenario for the first time.10
Glory of the MardānAchieved an overall S Rank for the first time.10
Elam's Secret WaysDiscovered a secret route.10
A Father AvengedDefeated Hilmes using Alfarīd.10
Father and SonDefeated Kharlan using Zandeh.10
Untouched PerfectionCleared any scenario other than a Tutorial without taking any damage.10
Gale SpeedCleared any scenario other than a Tutorial in 2 minutes or less.10
Bold and BraveCleared any scenario other than a Tutorial on "Extreme" difficulty.10
Unstoppable ForceAchieved 1000 KOs in any scenario.10
Stalwart KnightAchieved a total of 1000 KOs using mounted attacks.10
Winged HeroAttacked using Azrael.10
MarzbānActivated a Mardān Rush.10
Dual WeaponsActivated a Chain Strike.10
A Killer StrikeActivated a Special Move.10
Personal AttacksActivated a Unique Skill.10
Unmatched MardānReached the maximum level with a character for the first time.10
Novice CookAte some cooking for the first time.10
Weapon MasterAchieved maximum Mastery with a weapon for the first time.10
First SynthesisSynthesized a Skill Card for the first time.10

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