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NHL 2K10 Complete
Unlock All Trophies.


Kings Trophy
Achieve a total of 894 goals.


Coyotes Trophy
Average an A teammate grade.

Flyers Trophy
Achieve a total of 500 Penalty Minutes.

Rangers Trophy
Create a team.

Devils Trophy
Achieve a total of 50 User Wins.

Penguins Trophy
Play and win 17 games in a row in your Franchise.

Panthers Trophy
Get your 10th leaderboard win in a ranked match.

Stars Trophy
Win a Pond Hockey game

Blue Jackets Trophy
Make the playoffs in your Franchise.

Avalanche Trophy
Win at home in front of a sold out arena.

Sharks Trophy
Achieve a total of 200 User Wins

Blackhawks Trophy
Score an overtime goal.

Predators Trophy
Score an awesome goal with a goalie deke.

Red Wings Trophy
Win the Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup in one season.


Ducks Trophy
Create a Player.

Wild Trophy
Score 5 goals in one game with one player.

Canadiens Trophy
Achieve a total of 101 Assists to celebrate 101 years of the most successful team in NHL history.

1000 shots
Achieve a total of 1000 Shots.

10 PPGs
Achieve a total of 10 Power Play Goals.

Islanders Trophy
Like the '82 Islanders, sweep the Stanley Cup Finals in Franchise or Season Mode.

2000 Points
Achieve a total of 2000 Points.

Senators Trophy
Go a full game without logging any penalty minutes.

500 Games Played
Reach 500 Games Played.

100 Games Played
Reach 100 Games Played.

30 PPGs
Achieve a total of 30 Power Play Goals.

50 Shots
Reach 50 Shots on goal in a game.

Oilers Trophy
Achieve a total of 446 goals.

Achieve 3 Power Play Goals in a game.

20 PIMs
Achieve 20 Penalty Minutes in a game.

Blues Trophy
Win the Stanley Cup in Playoff Mode.

3 SHGs
Achieve a total of 3 Short Handed Goals.

Lightning Trophy
Get a hat trick.

10 SHGs
Achieve a total of 10 Short Handed Goals.

Maple Leafs Trophy
Get 10 points in one game with one player.

200 Hits
Achieve a total of 200 Hits.

Canucks Trophy
Get revenge for the '82 and '94 Canucks. Beat the Islanders or Rangers in any game mode.

500 Hits
Achieve a total of 500 Hits.

Capitals Trophy
Clinch your division in Franchise or Season mode.

Hurricanes Trophy
Win 20 faceoffs in one game.

2K Blogger
Upload your Franchise to

Flames Trophy
Deke out a defenseman using a 1 on 1 move and then score a goal.

Did I Just Do That?
Shoot while stumbling or falling and score a goal.

Sabres Trophy
Get 3+ assists with one player in a single game.

It's Cold Out Here
Win a game at Wrigley Field.

Bruins Trophy
Register 10+ hits in one game with any skater.

Mini Rink
Win a Mini-Rink game.

Thrashers Trophy
Clean 95% of the ice surface with the Zamboni.

International Trophy
Win the International Tournament in Playoff Mode

200 PIMs
Achieve a total of 200 Penalty Minutes.

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