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The Journey BeginsComplete Wendigo Lake
The Fly Lordship
Nowhere to Go but UpComplete Susurrus Valley
The AscentComplete Titan Rock
The Madman's HubrisComplete the Soma Facility
The DescentComplete the Soma Reactor
A World in PerilComplete Camp Henday
Leg Day
The Plant of HeartbeatAcquire the Lifeseed
Tree Hugger
Who's the Alpha Now?Defeat the Alpha
The Pathfinder Finds a WayComplete the Proving Grounds
Breaking and EnterComplete Smoke Lake
Restoring the BalanceComplete the Astra Facility
ArchaeologistGain entry to the Sussurian Pyramid
Her Darkest HourFind Virginia's music box
RedemptionStop the Astra Facility from killing the valley
Like an Eagle
ImmortalityComplete game without the valley dying
This. Is. VALLEY.
Pathfinder Training
Relic CollectorCollect enough medallions to access all pyramid chambers
Final FormAcquire all upgrades for the L.E.A.F. suit
SpelunkerGain entry through all the acorn doors
Full PowerCollect all energy upgrades
The Eight Pages

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