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También conocido como Makai Ichiban Kan, Destroyer Trillion, Number 1 House in Hell, Makai Shin Trillion.

Logros de Steam de Trillion: God of Destruction

Training... Start!Trained for the first time!
Fever Time!Executed Fever Time for the first time!
OrderUsed Order for the first time!
Power Up!Performed a stat increase for the first time!
Gift GiverGave a present for the first time!
Ultimate OverlordObtained every trophy!
Mr. PopularWatched all the lovey-dovey endings!
Overlord MasterDefeated Trillion with one of the first three Overlords!
Challenge Cleared!Cleared Challenge Mode!
Underworld True EndingWatched the true ending!
Carry OnBegan a second playthrough!
Hot Springs HotshotWatched everyone's hot springs event scenes!
Devastating Damage!Inflicted 10 billion damage with one hit!
Exceptionally LovedAffection Points have surpassed 1 billion!
Defeated Trillion's Titan Form!Defeated Trillion in its Titan Form!
Defeated Trillion's Dragon Form!Defeated Trillion in its Dragon Form!
Defeated Trillion's Final Form!Defeated Trillion in its Final Form!
The Splendor of LifeUsed every Death Skill!
One-Hit WonderDefeated Mokujin with one hit!
Passive Skill CollectorAmassed a variety of Passive Skills!
Active Skill CollectorAmassed a variety of Active Skills!
The Perfect Gift!Gave someone the best present ever!
Gift Guide CompleteCompleted all entries in the Gift Guide!
Demon Seals UnlockedOpened up all the Demon Seal slots!
Getting to Know TrillionBroke through Trillion's outer armor!
Weapon EnthusiastStrengthened a weapon by +30!
Call Me Mr. SmithStrengthened a weapon by +10!
Struck Gold!Got 100,000G!
Skill MasterLeveled up a skill to the max!
Side By SideReached the MAX level in a relationship!
Special TrainingUnlocked "Holy Illusion"!
Double-Up!Executed Double-Up for the first time!
InteractUsed Interact for the first time!
Weapon FortificationPowered up a weapon or opened up a slot!
The Great EscapeRetreated for the first time!
Valley of SwordsChallenged the Valley of Swords for the first time!

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