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Feces HappenComplete Level 1
To hell with HellComplete Level 2
Bad Everything DayComplete Level 3
CarPoolin'Complete Level 4
Treat yourself twice a dayDrink two cups of coffee
Skip right to the action
Made Tony open a cafe...
Stairway to the living room
OK PapaComplete Level 5
All in a day's workComplete Level 6
No Child Left BehindComplete Level 7
No Refunds!Complete Level 8
Good job, Sam!Complete Story Mode Single Player
Piss Perfect
Blink 2000 times for yesBlink 2000 times
Character-driven storyDidn't skip any cinematics
Take my breath awayCompleted Sams house only breathing in 15 times
Slow down dude!Drove 150 km per hour
WordsmithSpoke perfectly
RoboCorpseKill every robot
Good job, Sams!Complete Story Mode Co-Op
Bronze before BrainsGet bronze or higher on every time trial
Silver Spoon in his MouthGet silver or higher on every time trial
Golden FurnitureGet gold on every time trial
HOLY FECES!Unlock all the Achievements in Manual Samuel
Hippie Boy
...then blew it up
#hashtagFound every hashtag

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