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One Inch KickKill an enemy with your feet
They do Flash and Bang!Blind one enemy with one flashbang
A Little GiftKill an enemy with a thrown grenade looking away
Rolling has Many UsesKill an enemy with a deflected bullet
Beating a RockMine one block
That's How I RollKill an enemy while rolling
18 months in PrisonHack one Computer
Keep It Secret, Keep It SafeFind one secret
Rooting' For GrubsFind five secrets
Timing is EverythingPerfectly deflect a bullet
Forgot My KeysLockpick one door
Petty TheifCrack one Safe
Ain't No ThangDodge ten homing missiles without dying
So you can Dance?Dance to the tune of a radio playing music
Italian StallionComplete survival wave without firing a weapon or throwing a grenade
Precious CargoRescue all prisoners in a combat challenge without them recieving any damage
Dodge ThisKill an enemy with a scoped bullet
Catch!Kill one enemy using physics
Ever Heard About Gravity?Kill ten enemies using physics
ME LIKE HEAVY THINGSKill 100 enemies using physics
Getting HairyPerfectly deflect a scoped bullet
I Come From A Land Down UnderKill an enemy with a Boomerang boosted by a Force Device
Team SpiritWin one round of Team-Strike with whole team surviving
Bright SurpriseBlind four enemies with one flashbang
Disco Ball BangBlind ten enemies with one flashbang
Got the MovesReach level 10 dance
Dance FeverReach level 50 dance
Pogo StickKill two enemies without touching the ground
Retired From the CircusKill five enemies without touching the ground
Is it a Bird?Kill ten enemies without touching the ground
Kicking it AroundKill an enemy with a kicked grenade
Don't Give An InchWin two rounds in a row of Team-Strike with whole team surviving
Missed MeDodge a homing missile
Stayin' AliveWin a deathmatch without dying a single time
Sharing is CaringHeal two players with one nano dispenser
Stay Out Of Trouble BopoProtect Bopo in Survival
Faster than MostComplete a speed challenge under mountainhammer time
Intergalactic rodeoTame a Sabretooth Hamster
Someone said Gold?Mine ten blocks
Klondike LikeMine 100 blocks
Balance Teams!Win three rounds in a row of Team-Strike with whole team surviving
Activist EntrepenourHack ten Computers
Computer ConquerorHack 100 Computers
Keeping CautiousWin two Team-Strike rounds in a row without dying
Survival InstinctWin five Team-Strike rounds in a row without dying
That's How I PunchKill an enemy with a punch to the head while rolling in the air
Practice makes PerfectBoost one reload
Master of Knobs and PocketsBoost 100 reloads
Two for OneKill two enemies with one bullet
Silver BulletKill four enemies with one bullet
NiP StyleWin four rounds in a row of Team-Strike with whole team surviving
Faster Than AverageComplete a speed challenge under par time
Pacifist CommandoBeat a combat challenge without firing a weapon or throwable
Good SamaritanFree one prisoner
The Friend we NeedFree ten prisoners
The Friend we hope to DeserveFree 100 prisoners
Making Darwin ProudWin TS-match without dying
OverchargedKill enemy with klonk
Respectable in all AspectsUnlock all unlocks
BlitzComplete all speed challenge maps
BrawnComplete all combat challenge maps
Faster than the RestBoost five reloads in a row without dying
DoublesplosionKill two enemies at once
QuintsplosionKill five enemies at once
DecispolosionKill ten enemies at once
Seek, and ye shall findFind 15 secrets
Detective CobaltFind 30 secrets
Cerebral PlayerFinish survival round as brain
What Goes Around...Kill an enemy with a punched grenade
Doing it YourselfBuy one Upgrade
Serial TinkererBuy ten Upgrades
Aftermarket EvangelistBuy 100 Upgrades
Let Them ComeComplete survival game without dying
AceWiped the entire opposing team in Team-Strike
Weld em ShutLockpick ten doors
Mr Smith... Lock SmithLockpick 100 doors
Habit FormingCrack ten Safes
Surgical StrikeComplete combat challenge by only eliminating the targets
KleptomaniacCrack 100 Safes
Unmatched, unscathedBeat a combat challenge with 100% accuracy and 100% health
You killed the radio starDestroy one Radio
Video killed the RadiostarDestroy ten Radios
Golden Wallet, Stone Cold GrooveDestroy 100 Radios
BrainsComplete all brain challenge maps under mountainhammer time

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