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001 [N] Warrior of Light Why so serious?
001 [R] Warrior of Light Light it up
002 [N] Princess Sarah Ephemeral beauty
002 [R] Princess Sarah Big sister
003 [N] Firion What? It's free!
003 [R] Firion A man of passion
004 [N] Minwu Mysidia
004 [R] Minwu Real age unknown
005 [N] Onion Knight That onion kid
005 [R] Onion Knight Late bloomer
006 [N] Cid There's not just one
006 [R] Cid Wheel of Time
007 [N] Cecil Handy in a pinch
007 [R] Cecil Future King
008 [N] Rydia Crybaby!
008 [R] Rydia Grew up pretty fine
009 [N] Kain Actually blond
009 [R] Kain The original Dragoon
010 [N] Edge Two-faced prince
010 [R] Edge Has a great arm
011 [N] Bartz Three stars
011 [R] Bartz Harem party
012 [N] Faris Can rock a dress
012 [R] Faris Flames of Courage
013 [N] Lenna Papa, Papuuu!
013 [R] Lenna Waves of Devotion
014 [N] Galuf Who am I?
014 [R] Galuf Warriors of Dawn
015 [N] Terra What is love?
015 [R] Terra Moogle lover
016 [N] Locke Bleeeuuugh!!!
016 [R] Locke Treasure Hunter
017 [N] Celes Runic
017 [R] Celes Opera Floozy
018 [N] Edgar Machinery
018 [R] Edgar Ladies' Man
019 [N] Cloud Chocobo-head
019 [R] Cloud Not interested
020 [N] Aerith Flowergirl
020 [R] Aerith I want to meet you
021 [N] Tifa My fists are my weapon!
021 [R] Tifa Orthopedic Underwear
022 [N] Barret All for Marlene
022 [R] Barret Gimmick Arm
023 [N] Sephiroth The Promised Land
023 [R] Sephiroth Brings the despair
024 [N] Squall The aloof warrior
024 [R] Squall Legendary SeeD
025 [N] Seifer The sorceress's pet
025 [R] Seifer Fire Cross
026 [N] Rinoa Lost in space
026 [R] Rinoa Stronger than Squall
027 [N] Laguna My manly charm
027 [R] Laguna I'm the prez!
028 [N] Zidane You're not alone
028 [R] Zidane Loves chasing tail
029 [N] Vivi Ornitier
029 [R] Vivi A bit of a klutz
030 [N] Garnet Ooo, soft
030 [R] Garnet Can't concentrate
031 [N] Eiko Madain Sari
031 [R] Eiko Spare summoner
032 [N] Tidus Star players first!
032 [R] Tidus The Zanarkand Abes
033 [N] Yuna Heterochromia
033 [R] Yuna Like father, like daughter
034 [N] Auron My story
034 [R] Auron Bushido
035 [N] Jecht What a dad
035 [R] Jecht I hate you, Dad
036 [N] Shantotto Lady Karababa
036 [R] Shantotto I rhyme in time
037 [N] Prishe Aww, hell!
037 [R] Prishe Knuckle sandwich
038 [N] Aphmau Nashmeira
038 [R] Aphmau Puppetmaster
039 [N] Lilisette Time traveler
039 [R] Lilisette Mayakov's star
040 [N] Vaan Two a's please
040 [R] Vaan How old are you again?
041 [N] Ashe Crowned at nineteen
041 [R] Ashe Balthier!
042 [N] Balthier Leading man
042 [R] Balthier Actually Ffamran
043 [N] Fran Middle sister
043 [R] Fran Not your plaything
044 [N] Lightning Not your sister
044 [R] Lightning Claire Farron
045 [N] Snow Crazy about Serah
045 [R] Snow Stubble of love
046 [N] Hope Now we're even!
046 [R] Hope Teen rebellion
047 [N] Vanille Sleeping beauty
047 [R] Vanille Hecatoncheir
048 [N] Y'shtola Scions of the Seventh Dawn
048 [R] Y'shtola Sharlayan native
049 [N] Benjamin Benjamin
049 [R] Benjamin Unknown hero
050 [N] Ramza Alma!
050 [R] Ramza Ever the squire
051 [N] Agrias Holy Knight
051 [R] Agrias Holy knight
052 [N] Yuna #2 Yunie
052 [R] Yuna #2 Defeated Sin
053 [N] Rikku #2 Al Bhed
053 [R] Rikku #2 Astraphobia
054 [N] Paine Kick its ass
054 [R] Paine Give me a break
055 [N] Ciaran Myrrh drops
055 [R] Ciaran Caravan man
056 [N] Tifa #2 7th Heaven
056 [R] Tifa #2 Perfect hourglass
057 [N] Zack You're not the only hero!
057 [R] Zack The puppy dog
058 [N] Cosmos Barefooted goddess
058 [R] Cosmos This ends now
059 [N] Chaos Master of illusion
059 [R] Chaos Ultimate Chaos
060 [N] Ace Can sleep anywhere
060 [R] Ace Loves chocobos
061 [N] Machina Bolt Rapiers
061 [R] Machina Never skips class
062 [N] Rem Cough cough
062 [R] Rem MP not an issue
063 [N] Serah Fights with a moogle
063 [R] Serah Ultima Arrow
064 [N] Noel A future that has people
064 [R] Noel Loves Adamantoise
065 [N] Lighting #2 The savior
065 [R] Lightning #2 Back again
066 [N] Chocobo Handy in a race
066 [R] Chocobo Does dungeons, too
067 [N] Fat Chocobo I'm stuffed!
067 [R] Fat Chocobo Supersized
068 [N] Moogle Hot dance moves
068 [R] Moogle No touching the tail
069 [N] Curtain Call Heroes Quite the ensemble
069 [R] Curtain Call Heroes Heroines, too
070 [N] Chocobo Chocobo Kick
070 [R] Chocobo Loyal steed
071 [N] Shiva Want a ride?
071 [R] Shiva Cool beauty
072 [N] Ramuh Wise mage
072 [R] Ramuh Thunder clap
073 [N] Ifrit Fiery demon
073 [R] Ifrit Fire master
074 [N] Odin He'll cut you down
074 [R] Odin Clippity-clop
075 [N] Bahamut The Dragon King
075 [R] Bahamut THE summon
076 [N] Knights of the Round Round Island
076 [R] Knights of the Round Ultimate End
077 [N] Lich Fiend of Earth
077 [R] Lich Living corpse
078 [N] Chaos Garland
078 [R] Garland Evil incarnated
079 [N] Captain Do not approach
079 [R] Captain Rebels!?
080 [N] Black Knight Cannot be beat?
080 [R] Black Knight Dark armor
081 [N] Emperor Ungaahhhh!
081 [R] Emperor No known aliases
082 [N] Hein Physical immunity
082 [R] Hein One styling skeleton
083 [N] Xande Hah hah hah! Die!
083 [R] Xande Noah's student
084 [N] Cloud of Darkness Green lady
084 [R] Cloud of Darkness Particle Beam
085 [N] Scarmiglione Zombie fest
085 [R] Scarmiglione Call me Milon
086 [N] Cagnazzo King faker
086 [R] Cagnazzo Who is Kainazzo?
087 [N] Barbariccia Flowing locks
087 [R] Barbariccia Valvalis? Valvalicia?
088 [N] Rubicante Flash a little leg
088 [R] Rubicante Rubicant? Close enough.
089 [N] Golbez Lunarian
089 [R] Golbez Man in Black
090 [N] Zeromus Big Bang
090 [R] Zeromus Black Hole
091 [N] Objet d'art ABP farming
091 [R] Objet d'art Gold Needle
092 [N] Enkidu Xezat's foe
092 [R] Enkidu Or Enkido
093 [N] Gilgamesh Genji Gloves
093 [R] Gilgamesh Nice underneath it all
094 [N] Omega Relentless
094 [R] Omega Terrifying encounter
095 [N] Shinryu Treasure!?
095 [R] Shinryu Ragnarok's guardian
096 [N] Exdeath Loves nothingness
096 [R] Exdeath That's a tree!?
097 [N] Magitek Armor Back Attack
097 [R] Magitek Armor Bumpy ride
098 [N] Ultros Octopus Royalty
098 [R] Ultros Hates muscle men
099 [N] Typhon Snort
099 [R] Typhon FUNGAH!
100 [N] Deathgaze Random Encounter
100 [R] Deathgaze Cough up that Bahamut!
101 [N] Kefka Palazzo Mad clown
101 [R] Kefka Palazzo Uwee-hee-hee!
102 [N] Kefka Such meaningless things
102 [R] Kefka Warring Triad
103 [N] Reno Turk
103 [R] Reno It's me and Rude
104 [N] Ultimate Weapon Try and catch me
104 [R] Ultimate Weapon It's the ultimate
105 [N] Diamond Weapon Rising Sun
105 [R] Diamond Weapon Midgar's enemy
106 [N] Jenova - SYNTHESIS The true form
106 [R] Jenova - SYNTHESIS Inside the Planet
107 [N] Safer - Sephiroth Disciplinary Committee
107 [R] Safer - Sephiroth Momma's boy
108 [N] Esthar Soldier My back itches
108 [R] Esthar Soldier itchy...
109 [N] Gesper No potty breaks
109 [R] Gesper Nose-face maniac
110 [N] PuPu An alien
110 [R] PuPu More please!
111 [N] Tonberry King Falling pots!
111 [R] Tonberry King Watch the crown
112 [N] Gigantuar Handlebar mustache
112 [R] Gigantuar Falling down flat
113 [N] Edea The Matron
113 [R] Edea Hates SeeDs
114 [N] Ultimecia Time Compression
114 [R] Ultimecia Back-to-back-to-back-to-back
115 [N] Black Waltz No. 3 Kwahahahaha!
115 [R] Black Waltz No. 3 scum!
116 [N] Ozma Color sphere
116 [R] Ozma The strongest spheroid
117 [N] Trance Kuja Flare Star
117 [R] Trance Kuja Who's the fairest?
118 [N] Necron The real final boss
118 [R] Necron Newton's rings
119 [N] Anima Destruction Sphere
119 [R] Anima Chained danger
120 [N] Seymor Natus Mortibody
120 [R] Seymor Natus Not done yet
121 [N] Braska's Final Aeon Jecht Beam
121 [R] Braska's Final Aeon Otherworld
122 [N] Gigas Mighty Giant
122 [R] Gigas Hobby: collecting shields
123 [N] Goobbue Scary when mad
123 [R] Goobbue Lives on mandragoras
124 [N] The Shadow Lord Fiat Lux
124 [R] The Shadow Lord Beastman master
125 [N] Eald'narche Babyface
125 [R] Eald'narche Secret left eye
126 [N] Bangaa Thief Call me a lizard!?
126 [R] Bangaa Thief Not fond of magic
127 [N] Mandragoras High sodium
127 [R] Mandragoras Cover your ears!
128 [N] Gabranth Aggressor
128 [R] Gabranth Another Noah
129 [N] The Undying Perfect Defense
129 [R] The Undying Not so Vayne now
130 [N] Yiazmat The very toughest
130 [R] Yiazmat 50,000,000+ HP
131 [N] PSICOM Enforcer Bare minimum
131 [R] PSICOM Enforcer Weak but plentiful
132 [N] Manasvin Warmech Tutorial
132 [R] Manasvin Warmech Mechanical stalker
133 [N] Orphan Speaks in plural
133 [R] Orphan Heartless judgment
134 [N] Ultima, the High Seraph Nice body
134 [R] Ultima, the High Seraph Took Ajora for a ride
135 [N] Bahamut SIN Another blow to Midgar
135 [R] Bahamut SIN Where're my wings?
136 [N] Manikin Just a fake
136 [R] Manikin A real faker
137 [N] Feral Chaos Regnum Dei
137 [R] Feral Chaos True Chaos
138 [N] Colossus Magic armor
138 [R] Colossus Not fond of lightning
139 [N] Atlas Just plain huge
139 [R] Atlas Where's the off switch!?
140 [N] Goblin Not all bad
140 [R] Goblin Hobby: roller skating
141 [N] Green Dragon Poison Gas
141 [R] Green Dragon Green with greed
142 [N] Iron Giant Grand Sword
142 [R] Iron Giant Actually quite cowardly
143 [N] Ahriman Doom
143 [R] Ahriman Flying eyeballs
144 [N] Sand Worm Swallowed!
144 [R] Sand Worm Worm or caterpillar?
145 [N] Zu One big bird
145 [R] Zu Mystic Quest's toughest
146 [N] Magic Pot Inside's a secret
146 [R] Magic Pot Gimme an Elixir!
147 [N] Lamia Entice
147 [R] Lamia Half a hottie
148 [N] Tonberry Creeping closer
148 [R] Tonberry Watch the knife!
149 [N] Mover Delta Attack
149 [R] Mover Three musketeers
150 [N] Cactaur Can't hit me
150 [R] Cactaur Stop dodging!
151 [N] Hill Gigas Panty shot
151 [R] Hill Gigas The big one
152 [N] Coeurl Blaster
152 [R] Coeurl Watch the whiskers
153 [N] Sahagin
153 [R] Sahagin Half-fish
154 [N] Adamantoise Quake
154 [R] Adamantoise Long Gui's my hero
155 [N] Bomb Boom!
155 [R] Bomb Getting mad
156 [N] King Bomb Ugly mug
156 [R] King Bomb Ka-BOOOOOOM!
157 [N] Malboro Halitosis
157 [R] Malboro Got Remedies?
158 [N] Great Malboro Worst breath
158 [R] Great Malboro Double the stank
159 [N] Flan Flanitor?
159 [R] Flan Where's my spoon?
160 [N] Jumbo Flan Boi-oing
160 [R] Jumbo Flan Not a bit tasty
161 [N] Behemoth A real regular
161 [R] Behemoth Big and fast
162 [N] King Behemoth Four in a row
162 [R] King Behemoth Meteor Counter

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