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[Hilo Oficial (eShop)] Pokemon Shuffle - ˇMás fases, nuevos moképons y nuevo evento!
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morromocotudo · 21/03/2017 07:06
[quote]A few brand new challenges have begun on Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.

First, a new Pokémon Safari event has begun from today until April 4th 2017. This Safari gives you access to Krabby, Kingler, Goldeen, Seaking, Plusle, Minun, Kimono Boy Pikachu and Kimono Girl Pikachu

Next, a special stage for Hydreigon has begun until March 28th 2017. If you previously have a Hydreigon, it will also give Personal Skill Boosters.

Next, a repeat of the Black Kyurem stage has begun until April 4th 2017

Finally, a repeat of the Reshiram stage has begun and runs until April 4th 2017[/quote]

Fuente: [url:]Serebii[/url]

ASTURmatr · 18/01/2017 23:34
Joder, yo que quiero desengancharme...

morromocotudo · 18/01/2017 21:06

morromocotudo · 10/05/2016 08:12
[quote]A few brand new challenges have begun on Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.

First, a stage for Bellossom has begun. This stage will run until May 17th 2016

Next, a special competitive stage for Mega Swampert has begun. Like the past two, this is a Fast Match stage which boosts the points gained by 50% if matched quickly from the last match. The top 15,000 in Europe, 22,000 in North America, 60,000 in Japan or 80,000 on Mobile will receive a Swampertite (or Mega Speedup if they already have a Swampertite). In addition to that, if they place in the top 2,500 in Europe, 3,500 in North America, 10,000 in Japan or 15,000 on Mobile, they will also receive a Raise Max Level. If you don't qualify for a Swampertite but come in the top 20,000 in Europe, 30,000 in North America, 80,000 in Japan or 120,000 in Japan, you'll get an Attack Power. All other players will receive a Disruption Delay

Finally, the Thundurus stage is having another repeat run until May 17th 2016. This Pokémon's capture rate increases each day [/quote]
Fuente: [url:]Serebii[/url]

Blackbirdo · 02/05/2016 16:36
Ieeeee k pasa peńa. Os dejo por aquí mi código de amigo por si os apetece agregarme para el tema de las vidas. Un saludo!

Código: 7CNP-XEWP

Género/s: Puzle
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