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Experiencia/Sp: x10 x 12
Adena Rate: x12
Spoil Rate: x12
Quest Rate: x5
Quest Exp: x3
Quest Final Drop: x1
Weight Limit: x10
Rate Manor: x5
Safe Enchant +4 / Max +12
Auto Loot - Offlines Shop
Vitality System
Sistema de Buffstore
Unique features
Streaming / twich system .stream
Facebook system like .FB
PvP epic zones (1 char per PC).

We have a unique system of protection (Similar European server that if you have 2 customers hitting "booting between other words" one stops working.

The epics will have spawn in hourly ranges (eg from 22 to 00).
Event engine 100% updated.
We have an antibot linked to the Sguard internally for a greater detection of adrenaline.
Additional Events
Dominion and massdominion added to the server.
2vs2 - by gms and rewards in coins.
3vs3 - Reward coins.
9vs9 - Reward money or coins.
Take Castle - Reward money or coins

Clan vs Clan Event - Reward coins. [+ Info].

Much more..

More features
Academy System (Recruitment through alt + b)
Additional rewards in Fortress.
Daily Quest with various awards.
Independent Voting Systems - Hopzone - ******* - L2Network - L2Top.
Global voting system protected by PC.
Period of Olympiads every 15 Days - Protection AntiFeed [+ Info].
Protection AntiFeed pvp / pk and in oly.
Item protection system for CP (s)
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