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Webcómic Fanatic 4 - Tira 77: OPINIÓN POLÉMICA

Quad Damage!
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#166  Enviado: 16:39 14/01/2020

Buenísima. Smilie
I walked. I could do nothing but walk. And then, I saw me walking in front of myself. But it wasn't really me. Watch out. The gap in the door... it's a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?
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#167  Enviado: 20:55 14/01/2020

Es un amor 🥰
"No ocurrio asi­. ¿Y ese nuevo respeto?"
Sota de Espardas
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#168  Enviado: 12:46 15/01/2020

Real como la vida misma...Muy buena.
Fear of the dark, Fear of the dark I have constant fear that something´s always near, Fear of the dark, Fear of the dark I have a phobia that someone´s always there...When I´m walking a dark road I am a man who walks alone...(IRON MAIDEN FOREVER) PS Network: SKIVIAS
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