[N64] Goldfinger 64, modificación de GoldenEye 007, ve la luz en forma de beta.

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Goldenfinger 64, una modificación del juego GoldenEye 007 de Nintendo 64 para poder encarnar a James Bond en la que es una de las películas más queridas de la franquicia acaba de salir a la luz en forma de beta.

Enlace a la página de descarga . El enlace está debajo de todo el texto descriptivo.

Después de muchos años de desarrollo y de soltar información a cuentagotas, diponéis de 20 niveles jugables para un jugador y 11 mapas multijugador totalmente nuevos para recuperar sensaciones de tiempos pasados.

No se trata de la versión final porque aún hay algún nivel a medio hacer y algunos más que necesitan pequeños retoques, pero creo que puede completarse de principio a fin. El equipo espera recibir la opinión de los jugadores para encauzar el proyecto en su recta final y lograr un producto más redondo todavía.

¡Espero que os guste!

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After two long decades and celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the movie, British secret agent James Bond makes his triumphant return to the Nintendo 64! His mission; to gather intelligence on a wealthy entrepeneur named Auric Goldfinger. The investigation will take 007 around the globe and back again, in twenty brand new levels that faithfully recreate the film, as well as previous entries into the series as bonus material. Tour the famous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, drive through the Alps in a classic Aston Martin, sneak inside a shady export company compound in Mexico, and shoot your way into the gold rich vaults of Fort Knox using a vast arsenal of weaponry. Mow down the enemy like a true gangster with the Thompson machine gun, use stealth at a distance with the AR-7 sniper rifle, or ramp up the fire power with a devastating RPG launcher. And once you've foiled Goldfinger's plans to dominate the world's bullion market, sharpen your skills against friends (or foes!) in multiplayer mode. With eleven maps to compete in, a wide range of weapon loadouts, and a comprehensive character roster to choose from, you'll soon be finding yourself crammed back on the couch again in split-screen fever. A completely original musical score accompanies every stage, and due to the inclusion of the Expansion Pak, are lengthier than previously possible. This memory expanding device allows Goldfinger 64 to go farther than the original game it was built upon. A greater amount of image textures can be loaded into a level at one time, mission setups filled with even more content, and maps larger than ever before. This fan-made sequel to GoldenEye 007 aims to bring players an exciting experience, while representing perhaps the most beloved Bond film of all time with much due respect. So if you think you're up to the task of putting an end to Operation Grand Slam, grab your controller and pull up a chair. It's about time Bond was back on the job.
(promotional material and text by Wreck)

Also, some amazing box art created by Wreck as well:
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