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Spain a Pain in my Pants

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When modern knowledge is organized during the nineteenth-century positivism, the Catalan and Basque culture lacked sovereign institutions able to ensure their natural development and to mitigate the effects stigmatizing since Madrid and Paris were promoted on their "dark" sources and "non-nationals" . Thus it was creating a discourse that characterize the Basque and Catalan culture as "anti-modern" incompatible with Western progress. During the twentieth century the traumatic experiences they assumed genocidal dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and Franco took the extreme attempts to exterminate the Basque and Catalan culture, with its explicit prohibition.
The neoliberal phase, characterized in turn by social exclusion, institutional violence, the trivialization of politics and widespread corruption whose tragic image was Franco transition, neoliberal governments of Aznar, Zapatero and Rajoy, continued this imperialist policy. The adoption of the neoliberal model by the Spanish State hispanista enhanced the cultural tradition. Its main objective is to provide a historical account of social cohesion to think historically conquered part of the Spanish nation. Needless to say, this tradition is what is taught in public education centers in Spain.
Argumentative efforts to canonize this tradition in Hispanic than through a tautological and misleading historical mimicry, focus on three main areas:
Administration of a story based on the affiliation of the "destination hispanidad" the common past with destiny in teenidad homogenizing agent, eliminating the ancient memory and Basque and Catalan identity.
The invention of a tradition for state modernization of the nineteenth century, after the provincialism of the Kingdom (1841) and the Carlist defeats, who tried to legitimize the Hispanic in the Basque identity through oversized Basque participation in the kingdom of Navarre battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (contemporary to the Spanish conquest of the eastern Navarre) and the official reflection of the fifth anniversary of the conquest of Navarre in 1512 as a voluntary addition to Castilla and as a purifying event of catholicity.
The hegemonic pretensions in the control of the institutions that legitimize the past from which promote deep and alienating Hispanic internalization of ideology. Example: The schools in the State, the University of Navarre, museums, historical archives, libraries, foundations, etc. and the same goes in Catalonia
The Spanish neoliberalism is characterized by a visceral hatred of indigenous cultural manifestations Basque and Catalan. In this case the Basque was and is the victim of the continuing oppression and threat that the government takes place. neoliberal sectors considered to Basque and Catalan as "Trojan horse" of the independence nationalism. Thus political efforts were made to eliminate the language in its original floor through the enactment of laws imperialists
By monopolizing the neoliberal state apparatus, the Spanish scholar tradition has developed a strict cultural suffocating fascist control, which works under all known forms of cooptation and cultural repression: censorship, property destruction and bibliocastía.
Mejor te hubieras quedado callado.
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